Brain Overload

It's only, technically, been three days since I posted last, and already my brain is overloaded.
"Tell them what you did these past couple of days!" it shouts. "I need more room to focus on the future, instead of the past!"
Okay, brain. I'll write. But only for you : )

Saturday I woke up really late in the day and didn't do anything until I had to get ready for work.
Thirty minutes after I woke up, when I was trying to get out of my half-asleep faze, one of my managers texted me asking if I could pick up a shift for Sunday.
I said yes, because I knew I didn't have anything going on (and there is this guy that I work with, who I don't mind seeing or working with) and I could totally use the extra money.
I went to work that afternoon to discover that I was the only person out on the floor besides the manager on duty, so we had to figure out a game plan for that.
Also, I was only there for two minutes before having to clean up neon green paint and getting it all over my hands, and on my pants. Oh the perks of working in a craft store...
I started go backs and recovery as soon as I got there, and didn't get called up to the register one time.
I finished recovery really early, went through it three times, pulled signs, and did go backs again. Amazingly, thanks to the amazing crew and manager that night, we left at 10 p.m. We could have been there so, so much later.
I got food on the way home, was home long enough to eat, and went over to Rae's parent's house where I enjoyed the rest of girl's night.
I chatted with her mom, sister, and two other friends.
One of them left eventually, and her mom and sister went to sleep.
The other friend (who's name I am not revealing only because I'm not sure how she would feel about it), Rae and I snuck out front with car paint and wrote on her younger sister's car. There was a moment when Rae climbed up on the car (she is averagely pregnant at the moment) and I stood there, waiting to catch her and hoping that she didn't fall because 1) the baby growing inside of her and 2) there was a rose bush right behind me and I didn't want to fall back into that. Her friend snapped a picture of Rae laughing hysterically and me looking fearful. That is one of the best moments in our friendship, I think : )
The paint I used to paint the car (also green) ended up running, so I tried to stop it with my fingers, and did so successfully a couple of times. By the time we were done, I had green paint on my shirt, all over my hands, and on the green and blue markers. I also got blue paint on that very same shirt, and I'm sure there is some on my jeans... Paint and I obviously get along way too well. It's Monday and I still have some on my hands, after washing them quite a few times.
When we got inside, we talked and eventually put "Avatar" in, and tried watching it. Her friend went home around 2 a.m., and Rae and I tried very hard to get through the movie. We talked about her, her life now, boys, her kids, the movie... everything. I really, really miss that about our friendship. When she's not here, we don't talk as much. I'm going to try implementing an e-mail schedule, because I miss her all of the time and we don't talk nearly enough.
I left around 4 a.m. and came home with every intention of going to sleep.
It didn't happen.
I ended up talking to my sister and her boyfriend for an hour, and finally deciding that I really needed to sleep.

The next morning (Sunday), I woke up at 9:55 to my phone ringing.
I was actually kind of astounded, because I set three alarms and thought I was doing pretty welll; I was dreaming about being awake, actually.
"Where are you?" my friend asks.
"Craaaap," I say.
"She's still asleep!" I hear her say.
"I'm getting up - I'm out of bed," I replied as I leapt out of bed like a ninja. "Can I talk to [insert our manager's name here]?"
"Yeah, hold on."
I quickly explained that I overslept (obviously) and asked if I could be there in thirty minutes. He said yes, so I quickly grabbed breakfast, got ready, and hauled ass to work, finally clocking in.
After grabbing a walkie talkie, I went to my register and stood there from 10:35 to noon. I took a break and wrote vigorously, then was back on the register from 12:20 to my lunch. I quickly drove somewhere and bought food, then ate and wrote more, clocking back in thirty minutes later. After another seemingly lengthy period of time on the register, I got my final break, and stood there for another two hours.
I don't mind the register sometimes. I really, truly don't. But sometimes asking "How are you today?," "Did you find everything okay?," "Can I get your zip code?" and saying "Have a nice day!" a zillion times gets old. A whole shift can be brutal, and threatens my sanity. It worked out nicely, anyway. I did almost offend a man because I asked him how he could get the "wrong stuff," thinking that we made the mistake. He looked at me and said "Because I'm a man!" I started laughing and apologized and explained what I meant, and he didn't seem to mind me too much afterward.
I got off at six and drove home to find my sister and her boyfriend chillin' in the living room.
Her boyfriend looked through our video games and helped us pick ones to trade in (for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and/or PS3 games that I'll actually play, because I haven't touched our PS3 since I pulled it out of the box), so we drove to a game stop, then another before realizing that they closed at six. We then made our way to Wal-Mart, where I bought "The Sims 3 Ambitions" expansion pack and "Pride and Prejudice."
When we got home, mom was home and dad was here, so her boyfriend left and allowed us to have some family time.
I started playing my game, and kind of played Wii sports with dad and Rachel for a bit.
When dad left, I sat on the couch for a bit longer and eventually retired to my bed where I continued to surf the web.
I went to sleep kind of late.

Today I woke up at 12:30 to no electricity; my city was doing scheduled outages, apparently.
I fell asleep for another hour, and woke up for the rest of the day.
I grabbed some food and started pulling all of my stuff out of my plastic storage drawer things, and spent an hour or two moving everything into one. I then straightened up my sister's bookshelf, vacuumed the hallway, and cleaned our bathroom. During all of this, I got phone calls from my uncle, my aunt and cousin came by, and my sister's friend came over; all I wanted was some peace!
My mom and sister arrived home around 5:20, and my mom's friend dropped in unexpectedly to our surprise, and dad was here by 7.
He cooked us hamburgers, and my sister, dad and I eventually went to the laundromat to do laundry.
An hour later, we dragged our soaking wet clothes into the house and sat down to watch "Criminal Minds" while dad's clothes started to dry.
He left for work shortly after that (sans clothes since they weren't dry), and Rachel and I finished "Criminal Minds," then headed to a couple of grocery stores in search of laundry baskets. I then proceeded to buy $50 worth of crap (though I did get a $5 pair of handcuffs and a bow and arrow set) and came home to share the wealth.
I helped mom with the laundry some, then came back here with Rachel to watch a movie/clean my room.
My room is clean and the movie ("August Rush") is over.
I'm actually going to go play Sims 3, but I wanted to get all of this jotted down; it's a wonder my brain didn't explode due to all of the stuff I've held in.

I'll write soon : )


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