I love my big family.

On Friday night after I got home from work, I rounded up the items that I piled in various places within the house, and packed a bag. I grabbed a blanket, stuffed manitee (Mani is her name... I've had her since I was considerably younger), and my pillows, and helped load the car.
At ten thirty, we pulled out of my driveway and stopped at a gas station to get Owen, my youngest cousin, a 7 up so that he could have a drink.
Then my mom, sister, cousin and I made our way to my grandma's.
The car ride there was kind of boring, yet relaxing. Rachel and Owen fell asleep, and mom and I chatted for a bit. There were a few minutes, however, in which I was scared to death because we had to pull off of the highway and go to gas station so that mom could take some medicine. The gas station was in a considerably worse part of the state, and it was dark. And, a strange man that I'd never seen before motioned at me, though I assumed that he just wanted me to get my car out of his way. And Rachel said that another guy leaned all of the way out of his window to try to get a good look at us as we passed him. Creepy.
Anyway, so we finally got to my grandma's.
We said hey to my grandma, put Rachel to bed, and Owen, mom, Mamaw and I visited for awhile before scattering to our own rooms.
I stayed in the living room for awhile and finished "Sunshine Cleaning," which was actually a good, yet sad, movie.
Then I worked on my novel while watching "Pocahantus." When the movie was over I put in another one and checked the time. It was 5 a.m. I turned off the second movie and forced myself to fall asleep.

At 11, I woke up to my sister walking in to my room and saying "Kimmi, it's time to wake up!" in a sing-song voice.
I rolled over, but ended up talking to her for about thirty more minutes in which I pretended that she killed my arm, she revived it, and she tickled my back when I rolled over again. Yes, we're weird. And yes, I'm ticklish on my back.
I then proceeded to get ready for our family reuinion taking place later on, and finally met my uncle's girlfriend in the process.
Honestly, she seems like a nice woman. She's funny, and she treated us nicely. It almost felt like she fit in with the family and that she was always a part of it. Weird, yet nice at the same time.
We went to my mom's aunt's and suddenly I was overwhelmed by how many family members we have.
I've always known that we have a large family; every time I go to a family function (wedding, funeral, party) I always meet new people.
Some of these people I had to be reintroduced to, and I thought it was nice that they weren't offended.
This side of the family is friendly in an intense way. They greet, hug, kiss, and say hello almost simultaneously.
Upon saying hello to the few that bothered saying hello outside, we entered the house and were greeted by many more people.
After saying grace, we lined up and piled our plates full of food.
Well, I did. Most of it was finger food, really. I got a hot dog, some crackers, cheese, pepperoni slices, and various fruits. For dessert (quite awhile after lunch), I ate some cheesecake squares, chocolate cake and a biscuit. So much for dieting, right?
While I was inside I had a couple of conversations that I feel like sharing.
1) "Kimbra, how old are you?" "Twenty-one." This was met by a blank stare and a "What?" "Yeah, I'm twenty-one. Rachel's nineteen." "... Wow."
2) "Kimbra, Andrea was just telling me that you're 21. I can't beleive it."
3) I saw a man that looked a TON like Papa, but weighed more. I knew it couldn't be papa because he's dead (may he rest in peace), but was entirely too confused. I had to do a double take to make sure that it wasn't him. "Mamaw?" I asked, "Who's that man who looks like Papa? In the white shirt? No, Mamaw, at this table. Sitting accross from Andrea. He's looking at us. Yeah, him, who is he?" "That's uncle Jesse," she replied. "Ooohhhh. He looks just like Papa. I guess we should say hi." So we went over there and said hey, and he started gushing about "Wow, you're such a beautiful young woman. You turned out to be very beautiful. And you're 21? Wow."
Of course I hugged his neck, hugged Rick's neck, Don's, Aunt Scottie, saw a new baby, saw the distant cousin who got into a car accident a year ago and he seems to be doing well, Yvonne, talked with Sylvia for a minute, saw a ton of kids, my mom's uncle Shawn, Andrea, Ragina, their kids... The list could go on, but I don't know everyone's names and am sure my head would explode if I tried to think of them.
After lunch I went with Owen to the pool and ended up walking to the basketball court to shoot with Uncle Eldon.
Surprisingly enough, I am not as bad as I thought. I actually made a few, and was quite proud of myself.
We let one of my second or third cousins join in, and eventually we all stopped and I headed inside to find Rachel, who met another one of our distant cousins.
I got a drink, said hello to more family, and we ended up going to the pool.
The cousin she was talking to followed us out there, left for a bit, then came back after we were all finally in the pool. I found a floaty to lay on, since I can't touch when I get to the deeper water, and I tried tanning a bit. I ended up being splashed, and threw balls back to Owen whenever he would throw them at me, hitting me a few times.
I climbed out eventually, and dried off for a bit.
After going back inside, I changed into my shorts and left my swimsuit top on for the rest of the visit; I was too hot in my cookie monster t-shirt.
I ended up going between the pool and the basketball court for the rest of the time that we were there. I made a few more baskets when I shot, made Owen get out of the pool, and afterward we all headed inside. After about five minutes, Uncle Eldon rounded us up and told us it was time to go, so I gathered our stuff and we walked back outside.
Mom was there when we walked out, so Rachel and I ended up riding to Mamaw's with her.
I was relieved to go home, because I was ready to be a lazy bum and perhaps take a nap. I will miss that side of my family, though, and hopefully I'll do a better job of going to the reunions and remembering who all is who.
I ended up napping from five to eight, and grunted when mom told me it was time to wake up.
I relocated to the couch, watched TV and talked with Mamaw, Uncle, his girlfriend Carol and my mom. I ate a burger and tried waking Owen up by taking his covers and planting kisses all over his head.
We sat around until nine thirty, packed, made beds, loaded up the car, hugged and kissed everyone, and hit the road.
I drove us in, and only had a couple of swervy mishaps when trying to get the radio to a different station. No accidents, no deaths. Great drive, in my opinion.
I talked with mom for a bit and talked to Owen when he piped up, which wasn't very often since he was trying to sleep.
When we got home, we picked Ethan up and took he and Owen home.
When we got home again, we unloaded the car and moved Rachel to her bed where she passed out about ten minutes after arriving.
I showered, and here I am now.

Tomorrow, I plan on reviewing the math for the accuplacer, doing laundry, going shopping for some much needed clothes (work pants/shorts), and having dinner with the girls at 6.

Monday I plan on just laying around and being lazy, though I'm sure I'll end up doing something.

Alrighty, that's all from me today.
I'll write soon.


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