A lot of work.

This week is mainly work.

Tuesday I went to work.
I was able to sit around my house until I went to work around 5:15 that afternoon.

Wednesday I went to work.
I worked 1 to close that night.
It was just a really long day, but it was also good.
I worked on the truck and eventually had to do my normal job.
We got out early that day, so that improved my mood.
I also worked with a lot of awesome people, which helped.

Thursday? Work.
I worked 2 to close, and was thrown into framing whenever I got there.
Framing, to me, is incredibly confusing. At the moment it's being reset, so that just adds to it. I finally got to where I knew where the sizes and brands were, for the most part, and now I have no idea where anything is. Though my manager was awesome and helped with a lot of it, it took a lot of patience to get through that part of my day.
I was kind of hungry and cranky at one point, but got to go on a lunch.
I got a grilled chicken wrap, fries (which I shared with the manager on duty, because there was no way that I could eat them all), and a CHERRY SLUSH. That slush was amazing, and I kept going back in order to get a drink of it. Honestly, despite the fact that the guy that I'm interested in was there, that slush made my day.
We actually got out of there around 9:15, which is AWESOME.

Well, right now I'm watching the "Tyra" show and getting frustrated with these boys that are attached to their mother's hip. I mean, yeah, have that good relationship with your mother, but cut the cord eventually. These men's mothers are running their day to day lives and inserting themselves within their relationships. There should be boundaries within men's lives when it comes to that, and there does come a time when the mother should separate.
Oh, and after going on three days TOGETHER, this mother chooses NONE of the girls, even though she LIKED one. What the crap. YOU BETTER GO OUT WITH HER, you stupid boy.
Good, that's better.
Okay, so the above may not have made much sense; I'm not really paying much attention to what my fingers are typing.
I work at 5:30 today, so I should probably eat something, do my hair, do my makeup, get dressed, and ge there on time like a good little girl.

Talk to you soon!


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