More Vloggy than Bloggy.

So this post will be in the random style of my vlogs, because I honestly can't remember when things happened.
The time between my last blog and this one is a fun, intense, and crazy blur.

I've been working a lot (well, okay, not a lot compared to other's jobs, but a lot compared to the days I get off a week).
I worked Tuesday through Thursday this week.
Each night, as usual, had their own respective ups and downs, but I liked them all for the most part.

I played Sims 3 some after I got home, and I've jacked one of the games up so much that I'm between a rock and a hard place about what to do with a few members of this particular family.

I started hand writing a novel that floated around in my head for two months before I started it, and I realized a day or so ago that what I've written can't stay that way, so I'm kind of bummed. I haven't worked on it much since then, but am really excited to start working on it again. I have a solidified plan that I'm going to roll with, though I am writing it in choppy, out-of-order segments that I will eventually piece together in some sort of a time line. And it's in first person, but it isn't about me. That's all you get for now : )

I took my sister to the water park yesterday, and we stayed for a couple of hours. We went in this lazy river type thing four times, rode a water slide once, tried to ride the largest of them (I had to go back down; I'm afraid of heights, and this water slide is entirely too large. I got scared waiting in line and couldn't wait anymore, so my sister was nice enough to walk back down with me and do something else), went in a wave pool and almost drowned (Yeah, that's the second most memorable water incident; it's a wonder I'm not afraid of water), and played in the kiddie area for a little bit (there was a HUGE bucket of water at the top that would tip over and spill water all of over the kids below. I went under it on purpose once, and it roughed me up some. When my sister and I were starting to leave that part of the park, I accidentally stopped under it and got soaked again. Yes, I screamed like a little girl.). We left around two, stopped for slurpees on the way home, and enjoyed each others company (she worked on a novel, and I played Sims 3) until I showered.
At around six, I picked Kimmi up and we headed to the theater to see a movie. We bought tickets and watched "Killers." We actually got there before the credits of the previous showing were over, so we got to listen to all of the pre-movie stuff and see the previews. It was actually a pretty cute movie, but it wasn't super-amazing-so-you-have-to-watch-it worthy.
After the movie, I dropped Kimmi off at home and came home to a message written on the back of my car. I was kind of mad at first, but now I realize that it's not such a huge deal. I should be grateful that they wanted to include me in their little game, even if I didn't ask for them to mark on my car. I know who did it, and them refusing to wash it off only added to my frustration, but whatever. It's summer. I'll do it one of these days before or after work.

As for my attitude lately...
I'm fine when it comes to most people, but there are some that do things that grind my gears a little bit.
With that said, I know I've been frustrating to others.
It's the way the world works, I suppose.
Sorry for being frustrating to you. I'll work on whatever is frustrating you, and myself (because believe it or not sometimes the latter happens!)
I will throw in here that I am not the only person doing things wrong. I don't appreciate trying to have a serious conversation with people about issues I have with them, and hearing about what I'M doing wrong. Don't get me wrong, the second conversation I had about the SAME issue was warranted, but the first and third came out of nowhere and just pissed me off.

Aaaannnnddd I suppose that's all.
I'll blog soon : )


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