Work, Paper Towns and a Cherry Slush or Two

A lot of my time this week was spent at work, where I did random tasks such as decorate forth of July t-shirts with glitter glue, clean up after people, ring people up on the register, and answer a ton of questions.
I honestly don't mind any of that, though.
I mean, yeah, sometimes it's a bit frustrating trying to clean up after people and ending up actually cleaning up after people who mess up perfectly clean aisles, but that's just part of the job. That's when I take deep breaths and try not to throw something...
I like my job, though. I truly do. I like that I get along with everyone that I work with, and that our management treats us like human beings and not worker bees. I like helping a customer find something and having them go "OH this is it! Thank you! You're so awesome!" I like surprising customers by going above and beyond what I should do, and making their day. It's nice.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a sales floor representative/cashier at a craft store that I withhold the name of on purpose. I do the above mentioned work, mixed in with random arts and crafts opportunities that come my way and build the occasional planogram. I know how it works in the retail and customer service world, and get rather surprised when I'm the customer and receive terrible customer service.
I went to WalMart with my dad recently enough, and after a rather lengthy shopping experience (dad needed clothes, a new cell phone, and shoes), we both got in line to purchase our goods.
I went first, set the cake I was buying for Ben's birthday on the conveyer belt, and set my cookie monster and batman t-shirts on top. The woman behind the register rang the t-shirts up first, then proceeded to peer at the cake for longer than necessary. "I can't ring this up," she said.
"Why not?" I ask, then realize. "Oh, there isn't a tag thingy? Okay, hold on."
So I dash off to the bakery, which took me less than a minute, grabbed the UPC (bar code thingy) for the cake, and ran back to her register. It took me less than two minutes to do a job that someone else gets paid to do.
When I get back, she's ringing my dad up. "She couldn't wait," he said. "The line is too long, she said."
"That's fine," I replied, because I understood; sometimes that decision needs to be made, and that's fine.
When she gets to the only shirt he grabbed, she informed us that there wasn't a tag on it.
"Ah, fuck it," dad said; he didn't like the shirt much anyway.
"Dad, you need another shirt," I said, not helping the situation.
The woman just stood there.
"Do you want me to go get another shirt?" dad asked.
"Isn't there someone on the floor who could do it?" I asked, pretty pissed off by this point.
"They're all busy," she replied snappishly.
So my dad took off to do some other person's job, and I waited patiently.
"Is that your dad?" she asked me.
I guess the question was warranted. My dad has hazel eyes and gray-hair-that-used-to-be-brown, and I have brown eyes and brown hair. Still, I was pissed, so I just said "Yes, that's my dad."
"You should have gotten that for him."
"My dad is a grown man and can take care of himself."
She waited PATIENTLY for him to return, finished his transaction, then re-rang my things up.
I don't remember any more of the conversation, but this woman was intollerable from start to finish. I was livid by the time we walked out of there.
I know how customers are supposed to be treated, and that certainly wasn't the way I treat mine.


I discovered CHERRY SLUSHES. They are amazing. They're just like snocones, really, except a lot more easily accessable during my lunch thirty-minutes at work.

I bought a couple of super cool t-shirts, and they're friggen super cool.

I'm reading "Paper Towns" by John green, and am on the last chapter. I want to finish reading it but am too engrossed in the internet right now.
It is actually a very, very good book. It gets you thinking a lot about life and people and how people see others and how people see themselves and end up seeing more of themselves as they try to discover other people. I highly recommend it; I know I will be rereading it quite often.

I bought "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" FINALLY, after it stared me in the face every time I went to Barnes and Noble for the past few times.

I sold my Chemistry book for a pretty penny, and will be shipping it Monday.

I plan on waking up at 7 a.m. ON MY DAY OFF to see a blog TV broadcast, because I adore the two people hosting the broadcast so I really don't mind.

I unlinked my myspace and twitter accounts, so I shall not tweet on Myspace or status on Twitter.

My laptop crashed, so I'm stuck with my desk top for at least two weeks until my next paycheck. Then I can pay 1,000someodd dollars for a pretty brand new laptop and a 3 year warranty.
So much for a camera or college tuition or saving money to go to Harry Potter world.
I shouldn't really be so pessimistic about it, because I AM excited about the prospect of a new laptop.

I'm trying to get off work to go to my family's fourth of July bash on the 26th, but so far no luck.

My belly button ring is still annoying as ever and has taken to getting stuck in a position within it's holes and refuses to move without causing me some slight pain. Worst idea I've ever had? Yes. But I'm trying to keep it because I paid money for it.

Ben, my sister's boyfriend, brought over "Oblivian" for the PS3 and "Animal Crossing" for the Wii for Rachel and I. The first game was for Rachel, the second for me. When he told us this, I said "So you thought 'Blood and Gore for Rachel, and Cute Fuzzy Cuddly Animals for Kimbra,' huh?" We all laughed, because that REALLY IS how it goes around here, though Rachel doesn't mind cute fuzzy cuddly animals, but I seriously mind blood and gore.
Rachel is dissing my house on Animal Crossing. I only played for about an hour yesterday because I took on a part time job, and I wasn't about to work on a video game after working at my real job. No thanks.
Anyway, she says it's "gloomy." Sad day.

I hung out with Amanda on Thursday. We started at my house (after a long day of laptop shopping with my mom), and ended up driving around until we randomly pulled into an Arbys. Then we headed to a park near my house and walked around and caught up, because it seems like a lot can happen in a few weeks.
I got home around ten and sat with my momma for a bit while watching TV.

I honestly think that's all. I barely remember half of what I typed in here because I'm so distracted by facebook/AIM/Animal Crossing. Sometimes my MultiTasking gets a bit out of control.

I'll update soon!


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