Another Weird Dream

I had this dream that we (Rachel and I) were living at my Uncle's house, though it was a house that I haven't seen before.
It had multiple living rooms, and multiple bedrooms with random rooms branching off of them.
It was like a hotel almost, except for one story.
For some reason, he had this weird collection of cat memorabelia.
Cat statues, cat litter boxes, cat beds in the shapes of cats, actual real live cats, cat coffee mugs, cat throw pillows...
It was insane; I couldn't tell which cats were real or fake.
The place was a monstrous mess. For some reason, ashes and litter and dirt covered almost every surface. Weird cups lined the counter, a full ash tray sat on a coffee table, pillows were strewn about, a random sleeping bag was in the floor...
All I wanted to do was brush my teeth and go to sleep. I did brush my teeth, but not until after I stepped around the real cats/cat statues. After I did that, I ended up cleaning.
I got one last good view of what I thought was a cat statue before waking up.

Crazy dreams, For the Win!


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