The Best Day All Week

Today, to me, was perfect.
I woke up, ate, got ready for the day, and John came over around three thirty.
We drove to the movie theater, and even though things felt slightly awkward, we got along just fine.
We purchased our tickets, and I think the guy who I bought the ticket from was confused about why I stepped forward without him. Apparently, guys don't go to the movies with girls who are just their friends? /shrug
We saw "Grown Ups" which, honestly, I really liked.
It was stupid, crude, and funny. It had a deeper story line than appeared, and it had an underlying message about relating to people. It was awesome. I definitely recommend (too lazy to google that word) seeing it.
After the movie, we came back to my house and chatted with mi familia for awhile.
We eventually drove to an all you can eat pizza buffet (Dad, Owen, John and I) and had a great time. We spent most of it joking around with Owen, who is almost ten and is as big of a smartass as John is. I really love this kid. Anyway, while we were there I gave Owen $2.50 to spend in the arcade/gum balls, and he came back with bouncy balls for everyone. He gave me a purple and pink one; so thoughtful. We watched America's Funniest Home Videos, I saw my friend Michael A. from high school band, we chatted, joked, and (as I said earlier) had an amazing time.
On the way home, John was playing with his bouncy ball, and after getting out of the car he lost it in our garage. We'll probably never see that again.
He stayed for another hour after we got home, in which I showed him the high Lizard video and introduced him to Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers via Youtube. Then we watched a couple of comedy videos.
It was a lovely visit, and it seemed like it was full of perfect little moments.
I'm extremely happy that our friendship isn't awkward.
After John left, Rachel, Owen and I went to WalMart. I ended up leaving with a pair of PJ pants for Rachel, a $6.76 book (Max: A Maximum Ride Novel), a BATMAN T-SHIRT from the men's department (I should stay out of the men's department, but their shirts are cooler than our shirts. There is no way I'm buying a shirt with "flirt: numerous definitions here" on it), and gum for the kiddos.
Upon arriving home, we all got on our respective computers.
It's like a LAN party, except that Owen's playing a panda game, Rachel's on her role playing website, and I'm on Facebook and blogging. Yay!

I've been thinking heavily about tattoos again. I know I'm getting two, but can't figure out the places.
I'm getting stars either behind my ear or in a massive design along my side.
I'm getting an owl sitting on a stack of books either on my side or on my left shoulder blade, depending on where I get the stars. I'm going to either make the books color coded to the 7 Harry Potter books, or pick three of my absolute favorites and have the books color coded to match those.
I'm getting one or both of them done as soon as I figure this out.
The want for a tattoo is getting, sadly, very strong.

On another note, I had a really weird dream last night.
I had a baby, and I wasn't a very good mother. At all.
I stored my baby in the fridge, and only fed it three times a day.
In the dream, I THOUGHT this was normal.
Even my MOM thought it was normal.
Keep the baby in the fridge.
It wasn't until the very end of the dream that I thought "Holy crap, I have to get that baby out of the refridgerator."
And I think at some point in the dream I slept with someone (not just slept, but slept slept), but that could have been how I got the baby in the first place. Haha.

Okaaaaay. I think that's it.
I'll write soon.


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