Cat Videos

I think I left off with my grandma's?
Yeah, that sounds right.
Here we go.

Sunday I was off work again.
I woke Rachel up whenever I got up, and we played video games for a bit.
I ended up going shopping with my mom for a bit in search of work pants.
Though I didn't find work pants, I found a pair of shorts that I think I will wear quite often.
We went to two WalMarts, got gas, and came home so that I could be here for ten minutes and leave to meet the girls.
I met Kendra, Kimmi and Amanda at a restauraunt, and we enjoyed having a lovely dinner together and catching up.
I really do miss those girls all of the time, so it was nice seeing them.
We went to Kendra's after that, and headed home about an hour later.
I ended up going with my family to the laundromat after that, and finished my laundry later that night.
My clean clothes are still in various piles at the end of my bed, because I haven't made the time to put them away.
Yes. I'm lazy. If you didn't know this, now you do : )

Monday I managed to pull myself out of a gory dream that consisted of this guy and a bunch of kids clawing into someone, and ripping out their intestines in hand fulls. On a farm. And for some reason I was there and couldn't leave. I think I was supposed to train with this evil guy (who, coincidentally, resembled a clown) to become like him, but didn't want to.
Anyway. I walked out to find Owen, Ethan and Rachel playing video games.
I played video games.
We spent the day around the house, and I stayed in my pajamas until I decided to go up to the Library for the Accuplacer book, which I need by tomorrow and can't get.
Anyway. We spent the rest of the night entertaining.
We ate pizza, played Disney Scene It and Apples to Apples, played video games, and eventually watched "Avatar."
I went to bed extremely late that night.

Tuesday I woke up and lounged around before work.
I didn't lounge for long because I slept until 2:30 p.m.
I went to work at 5:30, had a decent shift, and headed home after we were released.
Yeah, nothing stands out about that night's shift.
I think we got out early, though.
I went grocery shopping afterward (mom was nice enough to meet me there) and got a few healthy foods.
When I got home, I ate dinner and watched TV with my momma.
I ended up going onto my bank account and trying to figure out what all money I Mom spent, and factored in what I spent, and kept coming up over one hundred dollars short. After spending 20 minutes trying to figure this out, I realized that was my available balance. Yes, I'm a natural born brunette, I swear.

Today I woke up around noon to Rachel saying "Kimbra it's time to wake up. By the way the water is turned off what should we do?"
Needless to say, I hated this afternoon.
I hate discussing money, and situations involving money, with my family.
My mom borrows money from me over the course of the two weeks in between my checks, and I end up with nothing left by the time hers comes. I hate it.
I hate feeling obligated to give them whatever money they need, or buy groceries, or anything.
I know that's why I moved home in the first place, but working for nothing just isn't fun anymore.
I went to the bank at one, came home and played "Animal Crossing," then got ready and left for work.
I worked 3 to 9:30 tonight, and ended up doing a ton of stuff.
I basically set two framing planograms and stocked the murchandise.
I did go backs.
I recovered floral, arts and crafts (just a walk through really, though I did find a lot of stuff), and the back half of scrap booking.
Then I did more go backs.
Recovered more.
Go backs.
You get the idea.
I did get to enjoy a thirty minute lunch in our brand new break room, and got to watch the men who are working on our break room work.
And I saw the guy I'm interested in trip over something, and had to try really hard not to laugh or make fun of him.
I got home around 9:30 and tried eating some burrito thing with random meat in it, but I couldn't do it. It was good, but I had no idea what the stuffing in that burrito was.
I settled on some yogurt and fourth of july cookies. I'm sure I ate something else but I don't remember.
I'm not doing weight watchers points anymore... I hated it.
I am, however, trying to count calories.
We'll see how this goes.
After awhile, Rachel and I watched two episodes of Gargoyles (Pretty sure we're on episode 27 of Season Two), and ended up watching Cat Videos on Youtube.
I know what you're thinking.
Cat videos? You actually support that crap? Those cute, furry cats are nothing but a waste of space on that website.
Really? You're not?
Well I did until I watched some cat videos.
There are some really cute ones.
Dad's brain couldn't contain all of the cute, though, so he left about an hour after the cat videos started. I give him mad props for lasting that long.
Then we watched a high lizard, and a duck do it's happy dance.
Yeeahhh... great night.

Okie dokie. I'm done.
I want to go work on my novel-in-progress. My brain keeps editing the time line by itself and I can't write it down fast enough.

Talk to you soon!


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