I'm pretty exhausted at the moment (worked from 1 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. ... more on that later), but I wanted to blog really quick.
So bare with me... there may be some spelling and grammatical errors that I'm not going to fix.

Thursday I woke up and basically sat around my house.
I complained about having to wait until 5:30 p.m. to work, because on those days I just... sit. I sit before I leave, work, then come home and sit because I'm too tired to do anything else (though I think on this night after work I watched a movie, then worked out with Ethan, who is living on our couch at present).
I don't really have anything else to say about Thursday... I don't remember how work went that day, so I can't really talk about that, can I?

Friday I was off work, and I enjoyed a leisurely few hours before I got ready and left the house.
Rachel and I drove to Chris' to pick him up, drove back to our neck of the woods, and ended up at a CiCi's.
We ate, chatted, caught up a bit... It was really nice.
Rachel and Chris got along well, which I love seeing; it's nice when my friends accept my sister and treat her well. They talked about Anime and fan dubbing and all kinds of awesome stuff.
I then drove us around trying to find a park, but couldn't find the one I was looking for.
I came home for a second (to get directions to Putt Putt and pee), and Rachel got to show Chris her anime collection. He also got to peek into my room as I was looking up the directions on my laptop, which was probably pretty messy but oh well.
We then drove to the walking trail, walked around it and looked at ducks along the way.
Then I drove us to Putt Putt, where we proceeded to purchase one game and sweat a ton while we attempted to golf. I got some good pictures though (one of them was so terrible it was good), and had a ton of fun despite the heat.
We played a few arcade games after that. My favorite was guitar hero, which I am still pretty bad at. There was another one that was a virtual jump rope that none of us could really do. I tried a massive crane game at one point for seven tokens, and didn't get anything (shocking, I know).
After that, I us to Chris' to drop him off, and Rachel and I headed home ourselves.
I'm sure we did something awesome like watch Ethan play "Modern Warfare," or watch a movie, or both, but I can't really remember.

Saturday I gathered mom, Rachel, and our laundry around 2 p.m. so that we could wash our clothes.
I recieved a call at 1 from my manager, who ended his voicemail with "Oh, and wake up!" He knows me too well.
By the time I finished laundry and showered, it was 3:50 p.m. So I ended up clocking in at four, which was an hour and a half early.
Work was just fine that night, though at the end there were ladies who were shopping TWENTY MINUTES after we closed.
After I came home, I settled into my spot on the couch and ended up watching "According to Greta" with Rachel. It was a dumb movie, but had a decent story line.
I read some of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Steig Larson before I slept; I'm finally at a point where I can read it without having to set it down in order to preserve my mental health, so that's good.

Today was a loooong day.
I woke up at 11:30 a.m., waited for about thirty minutes, then got ready for work.
I clocked in at 1, and from then on it was chaos.
There were questions to be answered, a ton of questions to ask, fixtures to find, planograms to build and set, noise to be made, t-shirts to be stocked... and that was all within the first two hours.
At 3:55, I got to go on a lunch. I ate my yogurt and granola bar, listened to my iPod touch, and read the book that I'm working through.
After lunch, I finished setting a couple of sections for a homecoming (I know, already!? Yes. We have Halloween and Homecoming crap already. Christmas is coming soon, too) grid, then was able to set a power pannel and put stuff on that.
We started recovery around seven, and finished a little bit before closing.
I put the massive amount of beads away, then did my gobacks with the help of Nick.
I helped put away other random crap, and we finally left around 9.
While at work, I encountered two polar opposites. One woman was exceedingly grateful that I dug through a box of reading glasses for her, while the other was very cranky, rude, demanding, and ungrateful that I dug through t-shirt paint for her even though her request was ridiculous. The first kept gushing about how "awesome" and "wonderful" I was because I was willing to find the box, unwrap the glasses, and find ones that she liked. The second woman was thrust upon me because they needed a price check for the t-shirt paint, and she uttered sentences such as "I'm looking at t-shirt paint, I don't know what you're looking at" to my "What are we looking at today?", "There are red tags, so all of these must be clearence" (No, only certain paints are, like, see, this one belongs to this paint), "Find a clearence paint for us. We need a blue and a white" (Uh... I don't think we have any blue or white on clearence), "Well, don't clean that up right now!" (I'm not. I'm trying to find the paint that belongs to this tag), "They shouldn't need to send someone over to me to do a PRICE CHECK" (Uh-huh...), "This is just a mess. It doesn't make any logical sense" (/walk away). I'm not sure which one to think about more; both experiences were equally impactful to my mood. Maybe that's just life balancing things out, as it so often likes to do to me.
Now I'm home. I was fed speghetti, which was STILL WARM!, and now I'm watching Ethan, Ben and Rachel taking turns playing MWII.
I'm about to play Sims 3 some before sleeping.
I should clean a bit since Eric is coming over for awhile tomorrow, but I'm too tired to do so. Maybe tomorrow before he comes over I'll do a quick pick up of all of the junk strewn everywhere.

There were other things I wanted to include, but I've forgotten them.

Okay, I'm done.
I'll write soon!


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