I finished the book.
I. Finished. The. Book.
I read through half of yesterday, and the vast majority of today.
I had 1/4 of the book left to finish (the final part and half of the part before that).
It took me until thirty minutes ago to finish it and cast it aside.
I will not lie, it did get better for awhile.
I was sucked in, and could not put it down.
Then they solved the mystery that they were working on, and went back to talking about the Corporate Mobster Guy that the male main character was trying to take down.
There were bits and pieces of that part that tried to suck me in, but no dice; the last part was almost painful to read. And not in the "I never want this book to end!" kind of way.
More like the "WHY DO I HAVE TO READ 40 MORE PAGES!?!?"
I respect what the author did. He took a murder mystery and mixed it with journalism and finance and trips across countries and... he's gifted when it comes to writing. I will admit that.
But this book just wasn't for me.
Yes, I will read it's sequals because I want to know what happens to the two main characters, but I will not purchase either or read either in awhile. I need to give my brain some time to stop hating me.
I'm not sure which book will be next, though I do think it will be a lot less thick and a much quicker read.

Today (technically yesterday), I got to sleep in until one and made myself get out of bed and claim my spot on the couch.
I ended up getting sucked into a discussion with Ethan about where he wanted to go vs. what he could do, and will admittedly say that I was half asleep and probably shouldn't have said anything at all. But I did because the sensor in my brain that says "Hey, you probably shouldn't say that" doesn't switch on very often. Go figure.
We ended up going to do our laundry (after playing Animal Crossing and eating), and when we got back home I broke out the game again. I read a ton of my book today as previously mentioned, so you can figure out for yourself just how long my nose was in it (at the laundromat, in the car, outside the grocery store, before dinner, after dinner, in between rounds of animal crossing, while holding conversations via Facebook, etc.).
I did end up going to the grocery store with mom after we dropped Ethan off at work.
When we got home, we made sure dad was awake. He came over about an hour later and cooked dinner for us (hamburgers and french fries).
I watched some "Criminal Minds," at dinner, watched other TV shows with mom, and eventually took a shower.
Mom went to pick Ethan up and went back to her room after they got home. She piddled around as usual after a bit, and all the while I had my nose in my book.
I'm finally finished with the book, and don't have to read it again for a seemingly large amoutn of time. I am happy.

I should go. It's 4 a.m. and it's my bed time.
I'll write soon (you shouldn't have any doubts by this time that I will).

Recent Book Finished: "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson.
Rating: 6 out of 10 stars, and I think I'm being more than generous.


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