Good Day That Ends Roughly

Was a good day.

I slept in, talked to a few people that I love talking to, got to sit on the couch and watch "The Neverending Story" with my sister, and sat with my previously-working laptop in my lap.
I even played some Sims 3, because I got the eldest son married last night so I figured I would either a) move he and the wife out or b) get them pregnant. Once I did the second thing, there wasn't anything left to do.
I went with my family to do laundry, after my cousin arrived home.
Yes, his presence here does drive me UP THE WALLS most of the time. It's not that he's here... it's that he's thoughtless and inconsiderate and immature and selfish and thinks that everyone should be there to wait on him and he's sixteen and...
Perhaps I shouldn't be thinking about his flaws too much though, since I have the tendancy to be the first four things I named.
He came home today and said something along the lines of "I drank ______ _____ of ______ ________ after I cleaned my friend's mom's house." Really? So we had to deal with the very sullen and drama filled and enraging and teary aftermath of that little stunt as we were trying to do five people's laundry at the laundromat. Oh what fun...
When we got home, we dried his work shirt first, then mom took him to work as Amanda was arriving. As she arrived he says, and I quote, "A GIRL IS COMING OVER AND SHE IS FINE!" to which I responded "That's my friend Amanda, stop looking at her, get out of here, she isn't even interested in you."
So we got him out of the house, and Amanda, Rachel and I chatted and caught up a bit.
When mom got home, we went to Wendy's because I was craving some chicken nuggets. I ate those, a few fries, and a salad. After Wendy's we got pedicures, which was really nice. It took me forever to figure out how the massage chair worked, but once I did I was in Heaven. At one point the little kneading motions tickled me, because I'm ticklish on my back because I'm weird. The aftermath of this adventure left us with flourescent orange, bright pink, and dark glittery purple toe nails. Awesome!
When we got back home Amanda left and we headed inside.
When we walked in the door, dad said "Hey, I brought y'all Chalupas and tacos from Taco Bell."
Well, okay, he didn't say 'y'all.' I don't think I've ever heard him say y'all... He's from Michigan, ya know.
But yeah. That was really nice. And sweet. Rachel and I dug into the chalupas as soon as we got to the kitchen, because they sounded really good.
After settling into the couch, we watched random TV and I read/played Sims 3.
We picked Ethan up from work around 10, came back home to watch more TV, then he went to bed, then Rachel, then mom, and I've been awake by myself for the past few hours dealing with the loss of my laptop's consciousness.
I did talk to Mason, which helped a ton, and tried reading some.

This book... is... kind of boring. The best parts revolve around the female character who hasn't met the male character yet. There's a lot of drawn out talk about this old guy's family and suspicion of murder and says some things three or four different ways and keeps back tracking and... It's just a bit boring. I actually think that Ben might like it, so I may loan it to him when I finish it. Yes, I am determined to finish it. I'm on Chapter Ten of Part Two, and I'm anxious to see what happens.

I'm sorry I'm so whiny and negative. I'm just upset and lonely. It's amazing how any good day can lead to being lonely. Not a fan of this feeling.

Anyway. I'm going to end the post here, because I've complained enough to last awhile.
I will say that I'm grateful that I don't have problems bigger than this at this moment. Things could be way worse, and I count my blessings every day that they aren't.

I'll write soon.


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