Today was really good.

I slept 'til 12:30 this afternoon.
Played some "Animal Crossing." I was excited because I had a pocket full of fish and random items to sell. I was also excited because last night I found a Cannon from Super Mario in a flying present, and I caught this HUGE moth that I've been wanting to catch for awhile. Whoo!
I ended up watching "Bedtime Stories" with mom, and got ready after the movie was over.
I somehow managed to clamp my straightener down on my wrist as I was doing my hair, so I have two lovely triangular burn marks on my wrist where it touched. Ouch.
Once I was ready I drove mom and I to the grocery store where we can buy EVERYTHING in bulk. I texted Mason off and on while we were there, and I was SO EXCITED because it was FREE SAMPLE DAY! I love free sample day. I only got a piece of M&M cookie, and some chicken/beef fajita mix, but it was good.
When we got home Rachel had arrived, so we worked on cheering her up and prepared to go to Barnes and Noble.
We were there for almost an hour, looking at all of the books. I could stay in that bookstore for hours and hours, but alas we did have to leave eventually. I wore my favorite black and gold Batman t-shirt today and attracted attention from a Marvel fan. At first it was fine; we were chatting and I knew what he was talking about. The next minute, he's having trouble focusing on what to say and steering the conversation every which-a-way and talking loudly and getting pretty intimidating. I kept slowly backing away, trying to silently signal my sister and mom that I was ready to leave, finding something else to look at, and failing. Then a received a text message from John saying that he was on his way, and I was able to say "Mom, we need to go right now." The guy hurried away as soon as I said that, and we said goodbye and headed to check out. I left with "Fang" by James Patterson, "The Complete Works of Emily Dickenson," and "A Wolf at the Table" by Auguston Burroughs (the Prequel to "Running with Scissors). I'm very, very excited about these few books. I almost bought "The Girl Who Played With Fire" by Stieg Larsson, but I refrained because there is no telling when I will feel like reading that. I got Rachel a couple of anime books, too, which she appreciated.
When we got home I ended up checking things out on the Internet, talking to my family, and John arrived a few minutes later. I was really excited to see him; it felt like a month since we'd hung out last.
We ended up going to Subway and catching up. We came back home so I could pee, then went out to the walking trail and walked and talked. We went to the park to swing, and finished the walking trail after getting our fill. We chatted and joked around and had quite a funny conversation as we got into the car. Can't wait to see if that conversation becomes reality. We ended up watching a movie with mom when we got home that turned out to be pretty decent thought I thought it was boring. He left around 11, and here I am blogging.
This visit was awesome. It seemed normal and fun and carefree with no confusion as to what we mean to each other or what our relationship is. We're friends, best friends, that can talk about anything and everything and still feel comfortable. I'm really happy that we're friends; our friendship is certainly a rare one.

I'm watching TV at the moment, texting Kimmi, and I maaaay read "Fang" a bit. I'm honestly entirely too full of energy right now, though, so I may need to go on another walk or focus really hard on calming myself down.

Tomorrow is my first day of training to be a Front End Supervisor. I clock in at 10 a.m. and go home at 3 p.m. I'm excited, yet sort of nervous, but I know I can do it.
After work (at around 7 or 8 p.m.), we're going to see "Eclipse" FINALLY. I'm excited.

We sent Ethan's stuff to his parent's house today, so he no longer lives here. Honestly, it feels great just being with my mom and sister again. These past few weeks have been trecherous and I'm glad they're over.

Mmmkay that's all from me today.
See you tomorrow for the start of BEDA!

Currently Reading: "Fang" by James Patterson


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