I didn't -plode, okay?

Don't worry!
I didn't anything-plode.
I'm good.
I'm actually more than good.
Well, no I'm not, but I'm in an exceedingly good lately, which could be due to feeling okay.
Like, normal.
Silly normal, but normal.
Ya know?

I was off on Monday.
I already blogged about Monday, actually.
Though I will add that Rachel and I watched an episode of Gargoyles, I was finally able to download "Office Home and Student 2010," and I uploaded The Sims 3 onto my laptop finally. I still need to add the Ambitions expansion pack, though.
I also typed up a rather long account of my feelings, which I debated about sending to John off and on before sending it. I did send it, and the conversation that ensued was clarifying and actually caused me to doubt what I sent in the first place. I'm sure if I read it again it will still hold true, but I want it so badly to not.
"Great, Kimbra, thanks for being vague!"
... Sorry!

Tuesday was a decent day.
I didn't do much of anything before work.
And by that I mean I didn't do anything at all before work.
And by that, I mean that I was on the internet and the most productive thing I did was download Yahoo instant messenger.
I went to work at 5:30, worked through my shift, and we actually got out at a decent time.
It was quite nice.
I arrived home to a turkey burger with cheese on it just for me, and I was back on the internet.
I actually didn't realize how much time I actually DO spend on the internet until I started typing this post.
See what summer does to me?
It's okay. I rather like it.
(This actually reminds me of Rachel telling John on July 4th that I spend all of my time on the internet, to which he replied "I know this... she's been like this for years." Good to know I'm accepted for the internet junkie that I am.)
I ended up talking to Eric2 from Film Class, which was actually really enjoyable. He's a really funny guy and easy to talk to. We ended up exchanging numbers, because it somehow came up that I'm interested in him (I had a brave moment kind of spurred by his advice, so that's cool; I've actually been interested in him since Film but was too shy to say anything), and I hope to see him soon.
I would go into detail about our conversation, but there are some things that I want to keep to myself.
I didn't do anything different after he signed off.
I really need a life.

Today I woke up at noon to Rachel letting Kitty-Kitty into my room.
I'm sure I should have heard one of the three alarms that I set, but I only vaguely remember hearing my rooster one.
I got a Diet Coke and moved to the couch with my laptop and cell phone in hand.
I got onto Facebook, starting checking out my news feed, and stumbled across Adam Brown's blog TV show announcement.
It was already four hours in, but I decided to check and see whether or not he was broadcasting anyway.
For those of you who don't know, Blog TV is one person broadcasting, and several other people chatting using type-written comments.
During the hour that I whitnessed, he used an iPhone App to ask random questions and we answered them.
I got ready for work during the broadcast, and had to leave at 2:45 so I could be at work by 3.
I arrived seven minutes later to a chorus of "Hey Kimbra!" and "Peter!" (a nickname that my manager picked for me right after I started on my second shift).
I didn't realize how much I really missed the truck crew; I hadn't seen them all together in a really long time.
I tried putting merchandise from a repack box away, but ended up on the register for fifteen minutes ringing people up.
When I got off, the repack box was finished.
I asked my manager if I could do beads, he said yes, and I walked to the back to get the cart.
I spent the next almost-two-hours sorting the beads and putting them away.
I felt like I was going slowly crazy in bead land; everything has a place and a ton of that stuff looks the same.
At 5:30 the second person on the floor arrived, and I was able to take a thirty minute lunch break.
I went to a fast food place, got a grilled chicken wrap that I ended up only eating half of then picking the chicken out, and a cherry slush.
I listened to music for the rest of my break, and played a game on my iPod touch.
I found some Crazy Erasers in the shape of Chinese take out (for Rachel) and an Owl for me, and found a tube of Dragons. DRAGONS!
The rest of the shift was consumed with go backs and recovery. We were finished with everything by 9:01, but ended up having to sweep, toss the framing trash, and were stuck there until around 9:30.
I arrived home to some delicious chicken, corn and mashed potatoes (is it potatoes or potatos? I really don't feel like googling it right now. Yes, Google is the secret to my spelling success).
I've been on the internet ever since.
I chatted with Kimmi, and eventually Rae and spoke a sentence or two to Adam.
I'm actually giving up Myspace for awhile, because a few things about it are driving me crazy. Yes, I've logged in once since swearing off of it and may log in again, but for the most part I'm staying away.
I got upset at someone, who shall remain nameless, for questioning my choice of friends. I honestly don't feel it's any of that person's business with whom I'm Facebook friends with.
I watched a couple of difficult to follow episodes of Gargoyles with Rachel. We're on episode 32 of season 2.
Rachel and I ended up having rather fun and weird conversations. It's during those silly times that I absolutely love her. No matter how silly or weird or crazy or childish I feel, I know that I've got her to mirrior that. She gets me, even if she doesn't realize. I'm so very happy that I was blessed with her as my sister.

A little off topic, but... I've definitely stopped to count my blessings more than once during this week. I guess I forget that I have such amazing people in my life, and I'm extremely grateful to have them. Like, despite the fact that John and I have awkward situations, we can talk about them and our friendship remains the same. And when I have emotional or familial or any problems of any kind, I have Kimmi and Rae and my mom and sister and Amanda and Kendra and... All of these people. I love them. I truly do.
Okay, love fest is over... That was almost as painless as the geek fest.

Right now, I'm watching "The Prince and Me" in my bed. My legs are tense, and it's 4 a.m. I can tell that tomorrow is going to be interesting.

I have a Yahoo messenger date with Rae at 4, and work at 5:30.
I have Friday, Saturday, possibly Sunday, and Monday off.
Holy cow. I'm super pumped. I need an extensive-feeling break from work. Even though it's only four days, I'm sure it will be an adequate break.

Okay, now that I'm sure I've put everything in here that needs to be here, I'm going to turn my DVD off and sleep.
Sleep is good sometimes.

I'll write soon : )


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