I'm not complaining about Boredom.

Today was a slow day.
I woke up at 1 p.m., wandered around, got food, layed in bed 'til three, came out to the couch around 4, and Rachel and I went to the walking trail.
When we got there, I got distracted by ducks. There were a couple who were, erm, VERY friendly to one another, and I couldn't help but stare to see how it played out. The female ended up getting away, swimming a little, and eventually got back onto the bank to see another male duck. Then they all wiggled their tail feathers and stood in a line. I know, anticlimactic story. Don't blame me; blame the ducks : )
We saw several more ducks, and even a few baby ones. They were so cute, little and fluffy. I wanted to pet the one that we got closest to, but the momma was watching us like a hawk... I had no desire to get pecked to death.
I tried running at one point, and ended up getting hit by a bug. The thing flew SMACK into my right shoulder; it actually hurt a little. I hope the bug is okay : /
We walked most of the way, but I did end up running down a hill and to the nearest bench I saw. I remembered why I actually DON'T like running, despite my previous want to do so.
We walked the rest of the way with poor Rachel complaining because she was hot, seeing more ducks and a really hot shirtless man on our way back to the car.
When we got home, we plopped ourselves in the living rooom, where I am ashamed to say I've been since.
I played a ton of Sims 3, and texted my friend Mason some, and cooked myself some eggs, but that's really about it.
I did, however, look down to find a scratch from Kitty-Kitty around my chest.
My life is SOOOO exciting.
I'm actually watching "Friends" too, so maybe that just amped up my cool levels.
... But that sentence surely didn't. -_-

I'm actually thinking a lot about individuality.
I, personally, have the freedom to be myself.
No one attempts to govern who I am anymore, and that's exciting.
The people in my life accept me for who I am, and not their own personal version of me.
The only exceptions to this rule are my extended family, who don't know me nearly as well as those I directly interract with more than a couple times a month.
I think it's important to be yourself, no matter how well you know a person. Let them see the good, the bad, the eccentricities... If not at the first meeting, on the second or third. It's important to allow others to see YOU, instead of versions of yourself.
For me, life is easier when I know who I'm talking to. I'm hoping that by being so open and honest, people will know who I am and be comfortable around me. I think it helps people know what to expect most of the time.

Okay, well, I hope the above made sense because I really don't have my thinking brain on today.
I have my "let's be lazy and stare at the laptop screen" brain on.
And occasionally the little switch that says "CUTE ANIMAL, MUST ACKNOWLEDGE AND/OR PET" switches on.
Like now, when Fang came into the room. Or every time Kitty-Kitty curls up to me.
... Again, I need a life.

Oh! If you see the "Rawr <3" title at the top of the blog, you will notice pastel colored stars behind it. I made that in Paint this morning at 4 a.m. Not bad for someone who never does that kind of thing, if I do say so myself.

Alright. That's all I'm going to say for now. There aren't any more reasons to hold you here.
I'll write soon!


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