Slow Blogger is Slow.

So instead of going out of town Sunday and Monday, I sat on my couch playing Sims 3 and watching Youtube videos.
I will say that I enjoyed being lazy for almost four days straight, but that my brain and body cannot handle much more lazy.

In the Sims 3, I furthered my family of 4 (Mother-Stylist, Father-Firefighter, Daughter-high school student, Son-Elementary school student) to a family of six (Mother-still a stylist, Father-Unemployed Adult, Daugher-Same, Son-Same, 2 new twin baby girls).
It actually takes forever to do all of that.

I've basically caught up on all of the stuff that I missed at Vidcon.
Seeing as how I didn't get to go, I really missed all of it, but thanks to Youtube and Vloggers I got to catch up.
I saw a few speeches on the live stream, too, so that helped.
I know what the "Double Rainbow Song" is, and what Dan 3.0 is all about.
I got to whitness the Harry Potter Alliance win 25K thanks to the excellent campaigning of Vloggers, and I got to attend an hour of the Blog TV show that a very exhausted John Green (one of my favorite Youtubers and YA authors) hosted.
And because I announced that the HPA won, I discovered that one of my friends is also a Nerdfighter. Awesome!
I feel good about my time spent on Youtube...
Even though I'm sure I should feel ashamed about it.

I did work out a bit this weekend, and get out and walk, which was good.
I listened to Wrock and did my Yoga routine on the Wii fit.
I'm actually considering joining up at the Rec Center for $40 a year to work out in their weight room and such.
I may even work out with someone that I've known since Elementary school, who also happens to work with me. She brought up the idea, and I may just have to take her up on it.

I finally got the Netflix PS3 disk, so mom and I watched "Penelope" on it last night.
When I woke up today, they were watching a "Star Trek" movie. I'm not sure which one, but it had The Borg in it and they tried to take over the ship. Data got turned into a half human, and they seemed to be in the past because they met Vulcans for the first time. When the Vulcans showed up, my ENTIRE family (Sister, mom, cousin, sister's boyfriend, me) did the "Live Long and Prosper" hand sign. Honest to goodness, that's my favorite moment from the weekend, even though it was today.
We also watched "City of Angels," which I had to miss the end of because I had to go to work. Though I'm sure the main character dies.
When I got home, they started "Free Willy," which is actually a pretty cute movie.
I'm watching "The Ultimate Gift" right now, which will always be one of my favorite movies. I think John and I are watching that Sunday after we do some other things, because there is no way I'm spending daylight hours indoors on my day off. No No No.

I registered for classes, and I'm hoping that it will stay there 'til my grant money takes affect.
I'm taking thirteen hours this semester, which is about the same as last semester. And, like last semester, I'm taking classes from 8 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. Oh, it's going to be fun. I know.
I'm actually excited because I've got this semester, and then nine more hours left until I'm finished. NINE. Holy crap, I could do a happy dance, though I know I won't until all of the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted.

I'm still talking to people, which is amazing. I talked to Rae earlier today for a bit, Kimmi recently, Mason through texts, Chris on Facebook, and even Eric some. It's been a good day : )

"Up until now I've only existed. I've drifted day to day thinking that was enough. And honestly, I don't know if I have my own dream, but I know that I can help others fullfill theirs." - Jason, "The Ultimate Gift"
(If only more people had that lookout on life.)

With that, I shall leave you.


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