Suddenly Sleepy

It's been a normal day.
I woke up around 1 p.m.
I had a dream in which I hung out with two married men, and actually was in a bed with one of them. We didn't kiss or have sex; that would be against the rules. We just layed there, and he held me. It was nice, though I remember thinking "This really shouldn't be happening." Then all of the sudden I was using "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga to try to figure out who I was with - Alejandro or Fernando. That didn't make sense since neither of them were hispanic and I know who they actually are, but I thought it humerous that I tried to use Lady Gaga logic to figure out who he was.
My subconscious is truly a weird subconscious.
I wouldn't even be AROUND a bed with a married man, much less in one. Blah.
I sat in here on my laptop for a bit, then relocated to the living room to play Animal Crossing while the kids ran errands.
When they got back we traded out players, and I had to cook myself brunch (eggs and toast) and get ready for work.
I left 10 minutes to five, clocked in, and set to the task of finding my manager.
I ended up getting a scanner (which we lovingly refer to as a "gun"), a cart FULL of go backs, and put them back. Then I started recovery since my side was trashed, took a break and started a new book, and finished recovery. There were kids tearing apart our store 30 minutes to close, and fifteen minutes to close, but I was more focused on the beading department where the first batch of kids struck. There were beads EVERYWHERE.
While in there, I suddenly looked up to discover a brand new section which I gushed about over our walkie talkies for a good two minutes. I love that section. It has fairies and owls and everything is cute. One of the customers in beading goes "You're going to make me have to take a look."
I replied with "You need to! These are just too cute!"
So I got out of her way and she did. Yay!
Twenty minutes later I escaped beads, helped my coworker clean up suncatcher paint that was all over one aisle, got sticky, got red glittery paint on my finger (which stains the skin I'm guessing, because I'm having a hard time getting it off) by pushing the cart, and put the rest of the go backs away.
I came home to a darkened house, and the kids going to bed.
Rachel went to bed, Ben was indecisive as to what to do, Ethan got up to eat, I got my dinner, and mom went back to her room when I said I wanted to play Animal Crossing.
I ate fish while catching fish, then let Ben turn it off and put Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in. Mom watched that with us and fell asleep off and on, and poor Ben isn't part of the fandom so he didn't understand my excitement. I talked to Kimmi and one of my friends from Yoga last semester about it though, and they completely understood.
After the movie, we turned out the lights and dispersed.
Now I'm in my bed and writing to you. Yay!

I should be asleep because I have to be at work at 9 a.m.
I'm not a morning person, so this should be interesting.

Currently Reading: "Max" by James Patterson


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