Things You May Not Know About Me

- I can pick things up with my toes on both feet.
- I'm fully aware of my flaws, and dislike the vast majority of them.
- With that said, I'm FINE being imperfect. I can never fully change who I am, and I've come to accept that.
- I dance wildly to music when inspired. I don't care if it looks good; I can't dance anyway. I just dance to dance : D
- I've read the first four books in the Harry Potter series five times, and the last three two times each.
- I like having my own copies of books because I like to highlight or underline or bracket inspiring quotes.
- I write, and I'm currently hand-writing a novel that is sitting in two notebooks on my bedroom floor.
- I collect post cards and magnets, as well as owls.
- I sing as loudly and tone deafly as I can in the car on purpose. My sister usually thinks I'm mentally ill when this happens.
- I make up song lyrics to tunes already in existance; it makes my life a bit more interesting.
- I don't have casual sex.
- I sleep with stuffed animals in my bed, and slept with a nightlight until about a year ago.
- I could care less about fashion.
- I watch cartoons and children's movies for fun.
- I've never lived anywhere besides Texas.
- I'm pretty impatient.
- I watch the clock constantly, taking every minute into consideration when I do anything.
- I like food. This is why dieting is so hard.
- I use google more than five times a day. I use it mostly as a spell checker, though I do look up lyrics, voice actors, and whether or not Walt Disney was a Nazi.
- I LIKE video games.
- I care about way more than what is going on right in front of me or what's going on within my life, though I don't broadcast it.
- Some things I have an amazing memory of, while others are just vague after thoughts located in my brain. And no, it's not just the alcohol-induced ones.
- I'm actually pretty shy and somewhat socially awkward. It takes time for me to warm up to people or a situation, but once I am it's smooth sailing.
- I get lost every time I go somewhere new. I try to think of these experiences as "adventures" instead of frustration-and-wasting-time-and-gas.

That's really all I feel like coming up with right now. If I think of more, they will most likely be in a different post.

Today was good.
I woke up, ate, got dressed, and went with mom to drop Rachel off at a pool.
Then we got Ethan from work, who smelled like fried chicken.
Then we went to the Computer Store to get my laptop fixed, and they were nice enough to just exchange it for me with no questions asked. It was only five days past the service date, whatever that means, so they didn't mind doing it.
Then we drove to pick Rachel up.
We got home, I got my new laptop up and running, then I went to work.
Work went pretty well. I worked with the head hancho for the first time in awhile, so that was a lot of fun. I discovered that we have posters at work now, which I am EXCITED about. We have a super cool Marvel one, which I love. We got out kind of early.
I ate dinner when I got home, talked with Rachel, yelled at Ethan when we got home, and came back here. Mom came in to watch a movie with me, but I didn't want to watch that one, so we settled on "The Aristocats." Great choice, in my opinion; it lifted my mood considerably.
Now I'm about to go maybe get a snack (depends on whether or not any food seems appetizing), then apologize to Ethan because no matter how mad I get at him there is no reason for me to treat him badly. He's just a kid, after all. And I'm family. I should work on showing more love than dislike, and more understanding than impatience. Life lessons, for the win.
Goodnight, and I'll write soon.


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