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Hello, hello, hello!
It's been awhile.
I think the last thing I talked about was...
Wow, Sunday.
Honestly I thought I left off on Friday.
I suppose there isn't too too much to update you on, then.
Is there?
I guess it depends on whether or not you're the glass half empty or half full person, and the perspective you choose to take on the last couple of sentences.
I need to calm down...

So Monday...
I sat around most of the day with my sister and cousin, and ended up eventually getting ready and swinging us all by a Super Grocery Store of Which I Shall Be Vague About.
I only went inside because I wanted to look at things since I hadn't been there in awhile, and I got sucked into the book section. Yes, I did leave with three more books in my posession, thanks for Asking. I'm not sure what they are, but I DO know that I wanted them, and genuinely thought I needed them. They are still in the bag that I brought them home in, however, and shall remain there until I read the ever growing stack of books on my second dresser. Yes, I have a book addiction... There are so many worse things to be addicted to, so I don't even care.
Ethan got phone minutes and Rachel almost talked me into getting her a $10 movie, but I really didn't feel like giving up one of my books, so I said I would buy it later. And I will, from WalMart, for a cheaper price.
After we got home, Ethan got ready for work and I took him there after a little while.
I ended up camping out in my spot on the couch for awhile. I texted Eric, who ended up coming over. While I was waiting on him, I talked with Amanda on the phone since we hadn't spoken in awhile. We're actually supposed to see each other tomorrow, which I hope happens because I miss her quite a lot.
Eric got here around... 8:30, I think, and we ended up making small talk with my sister, and popping in "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe." Of course, I didn't have the game already set out, so I had to look on all of the surfaces in the living room to find it. Yes, I'm an excellent planner.
During this particular hangout, I/we...
Played the aforementioned game, and "Soul Caliber III" on the PS2. I kicked some butt, and got my butt kicked. I don't think I beat Eric one time at either game, though I previously promised to kick his ass. Ah well.
Discovered Eric's fondness for cats. He really liked Kitty-Kitty and Sandy, and almost got to discover why we gave our black cat the name Fang.
Introduced him to mom, dad, Rachel, and the four cats. Oh, and Ethan, who promptly shed his shirt because he thought we (Rachel and I) told him to seriously take off his shirt. Why we would seriously do that, I don't know, but it happened to my great surprise.
Speaking of surprises, Rachel suggested that he stay the night. Keep in mind that it was the first time either of us have hung out with the other since Film group, and that was during the Spring Semester. Leave it to Rachel to broach such topics of conversation.
All in all, I think Monday night was an awesome success. We had fun gaming, he treated my sister well, really likes cats, was respectful to my parents, and didn't seem too horrified at the few surprising things that took place. Hopefully we get together again soon : )
After he left, I camped out on the couch again watching Rachel play "Xenosaga" for Ethan. She's a lot further in the game this time around, though since I didn't watch her play I have no idea what part she's on.
I ended up coming to my room kind of late, and mom came in here about an hour after I did. We put in "Definitely Maybe" and watched half of that. She left my room around 3 or 3:30 a.m., and I fell asleep.

Tuesday was a decent day.
All I did was wake up, watch Rachel play "Xenosaga," sit in my room for awhile, eat, get ready for work, and go to work.
Work went pretty well. I was with people that I liked, and we got out of there before 10 p.m. What more could we ask for?
I came home to Ben and Rachel playing MWII, and ended up having to leave even after I was all cozy and in bed to get Ethan. We swung by the grocery store on the way home and I came back to my room once again when we arrived.
Mom ended up coming in around 2 or 3 to finish our movie, and we ended up discussing the negative aspects of Ethan living here. He's a decent kid and I love him, but he's kind of driving us crazy. We didn't take him on to raise; we took him in as a temporary situation because he was thrown into an unfortunate circumstance that I'm sure was a long time coming. It's time for him to make up with his parents and get off of our couch.
Anyway, after our movie (which I honestly really like), I fell asleep.

Today I woke up to my alarm clocks, and couldn't find my cell phone. I shrugged (well, I really just looked for it, groaned and flopped back onto my bed) and returned to the weird dream I was having involving John and travel Downtown. Then, it happened: My side started vibrating and ringing.
Holy crap, I was sleeping on my cell phone.
How does that even happen? Before I sleep, I place it neatly on the corner of my bed, but I almost always end up sleeping on it.
I saw that I had a text message, replied, reset my alarm, replied again, fell asleep, kept hitting snooze, hit snooze, hit snooze... My alarms stopped waking me up.
At 1 p.m., I made myself get out of bed and move to the chair in the living room.
I sat with my laptop until almost 2, ate, made a lunch for work, watched MWII, fluffed out my work clothes, talked with mom, washed my face, did my hair, put on my makeup, got dressed, and put my shoes on. All before 2:45 p.m. I'm awesome at this whole "getting ready for the day" thing.
And this time, I didn't forget my belt.
Work went really well. We were entirely too slow today, though. I ended up going through and making sure there were no holes in my Drive Aisles/End Caps/Power Panels/Clip Strips. I took Two Hours to do that, because I got there at 3 and my lunch wasn't 'til five.
At five I went to lunch, read my book, listened to my iPod, and ate my ravioli/fig neutons/peanut butter crackers.
When I got back, I did some go backs and started recovery. I had time to recover most of my side before my second break, then went back through my side. I did that another two times after I finished, did more go backs, and we were finished by 9:15 tonight.
When I got home I watched MORE MWII, showered, and ended up watching a couple of episodes of "Gargoyles" season II with dad and Rachel.
Rachel went to bed after the episodes, one of which was really, really stupid.
It was about this gray ooze that pregnant-Fox was trying to engineer and control in Australia. They ran into Dingo in the beginning, and he threw a boomerang at the gargoyles, which one of them promptly crushed. Then they fought for five minutes for no apparent reason other than to take time out of the episode. They talk to a Shamen, run into Fox who lost control of the gray ooze, and Goliath and Dingo end up having to go into "dream time" to "talk to it." The episode ends with the gray ooze joining to Dingo, who talked it down by saying it could use a new order called "Law and Order" to control things. Yeah, I felt brain cells exploding all over the place.
The second one wasn't too bad... About Anansi the Spider and Panthers and Africa. I was hoping that this was the last stop on their world tour, but I don't think it is.
I played "Animal Crossing" a bit after that, said bye to dad, and came back here to play Sims 3 and be in Internet head.
And now I'm here. Tada!!!

Okay, now that I've made a sufficiently long post and talked your ear off, I shall be going.
Fare the well!
I shall write soon.


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