BEDA, Day 1.

For those who are unaware, BEDA stands for Blog Every Day in August. It was coined by the famous author Maureen Johnson, who is one of the few authors that I actually look up to and hope to be like. Yay!

Today was pretty stinkin' good.
I woke up at 8:30 a.m. after a few hours of sleep, and arrived at work around 9:50.
When I got there, one of my coworkers was standing on her tip toes trying to help the new girl get her locker open unsuccessfully. I set my stuff on the table (in the break room, fyi), walked to the corner where a ton of fold out chairs were sitting, grabbed one, and set it up. After climbing on top of it and trying her locker combination twice, I got it open. I hastily opened my own locker, exchanged my purse, book and water bottle for my apron and name tag, and went up front. I was stopped by a customer on the way, but got back on track shortly after that. I learned that I was to help train the new girl and stay up front the entire time, so I spent some time recovering the tower baskets, rang people up, set a power-pannel planogram (easy, easy), took my break, ended up recovering the areas that the closing cashier is supposed to, and was still left wandering around for 45 minutes before we left. At one point I was given a set of Front End Supervisor keys, and had to do a quantity key, and found out I could sign my own stuff, and get my own gun, and... it was nice. It's nice feeling like I have more freedom to do what I know needs to be done, instead of having to ask people for help with small tasks. I clocked out at 3 and headed home.

When I arrived, Rachel and mom were watching some ghost movie that they said ended up getting gory, so I just came back to my room and took a two hour long nap. At five I was woken up by Rachel, and I hurredly got dressed so that we could leave. Mom, Rachel, mom's friend and I went to a steak restauraunt and ate, you guessed it, steak. It was delicious. Then I drove us to the movie theater to see "Eclipse," which actually wasn't that bad. I think the movies keep getting progressively better, which gives me hope for "Breaking Dawn."

After the movie we dropped mom's friend off, came home, and we all sat in the living room. I ended up being attacked by a frazzled and furry moth, which was quite scary. Mom and I went to WalMart after a bit, and when we got home I showered. I'm here now, squeaky clean, and blogging. Yay!?

Okay, I'm done.
Day 1 of BEDA down.

Currently Reading: "Fang" by James Patterson


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