Couch Potato

I sat on this couch, in the same spot, from 1 in the afternoon to around 6 at night.
(How unhealthy is /that/??)

I watched whatever Rachel had on when I woke up, then we switched gears and let me choose a movie.
I chose Dragonhunter, which, ya know, sounded cool. I mean, it had DRAGONS in it. It HAS to be good, right?
No. It was terrible, and one of the worst movies I've picked in a long, long time. The setup took too long, the acting was mediocre, I couldn't tell whether or not the main woman character was actually a woman (that was the point at first, but still), when it got romantic it got dripping-cheese romantic, and a princess was dumb enough to sacrifice herself to baby dragons. At one point, the main male character had to stab the baby dragons (after they nibbled on the princess' body and severed her foot. Yummy) and had to spend thirty pointless minutes wandering around the cave to fight the momma. At the end, a wizard used himself as a bomb to kill the momma dragon, and it showed the momma dragon's entrails and bone structure. What?
Theeen we watched "One Day with the King," which was awesome. It was a Biblical story based loosely on Esther. It was really long and boring in parts, but intriguing nonetheless.
Then I got ready (washed my face, did my makeup, and actually put real clothes on) and waited on Mason to get here. I gathered my laundry, let him in, watched whatever was on TV while he, Rachel and mom talked world conflict and joined the conversation when I knew what was going on.

After a little while we (my family, Mason and I) went up to the laundromat and (when we could get machines) did laundry. Eventually I joined Rachel and Mason in listening to music and ended up snagging his iPod. I skimmed through it, took his headphones, and ended up listening to random songs on shuffle. We left after about an hour, then came home and ended up watching more TV.

Eventually, we ate dinner and ended up browsing through Netflix movies. It takes forever to come to a conclusion about what to watch because Rachel and I have very different tastes; usually the guest ends up just sitting there and watching us talk back and forth. "No, I don't WANT a comedy," Rachel will say. "Well I don't want a horror!" I will answer. "How about a drama?" "NO! NO DRAMAS! Dramas are too sad." "Maybe a kids movie?" "I doubt (insert guest here) wants to watch a kids movie."
This went on for a little bit before I finally caved and chose "Zombieland."
I'll let you take a minute to digest the amount of shock that you must be feeling.
Alright, now I shall proceed.
I figured that I can't avoid all horror movies. I heard that Zombieland was really funny, so I wanted to give it a shot.
Within the first thirty seconds I was rethinking this entire thing. Zombies' mouths are disgusting with bloody black gore, and they prefer to tear people up when they catch them instead of just saying "hello" and hugging.
So I get through the opening credits, and actually enjoyed this movie. Minus the zombies' mouths, the hacking up of zombies, and the dorm room part (during which I hid behind Mason and tried very hard to plug my ears).
After the movie, we played "Life" in our living room floor. Rachel won since she had the highest Salary Card, I came in second, and Mason lost.
Rachel eventually went to bed, and Mason and I ended up sitting on the couch and watching music videos on Youtube via my laptop. Time flew while he was here, and before we knew it it was six in the morning. I eventually got us off of the couch, to the front door, talked with him for thirty minutes in our entry way, and eventually walked him outside.
After hugging, he went home and I came inside, flopped in bed, shot off a text, and passed out.

I forced myself out of bed at one in the afternoon and flopped down into my "new spot" on the couch (Rachel keeps stealing mine : /). After watching a messed up movie ("Boys Don't Cry") and getting disturbed enough, I got ready and mom and I left. We ran by the post office, came home for a minute, got Rachel, went to Ross, then Bed Bath and Beyond. I found some cups with japanese symbols on them (for Wisdom and Love; I got Love for Rachel since it's her favorite), some shot glasses for one of the girls (since we can't make a good margarita with the right tequila ratio), and some socks (because that's my vice lately. Yeah, I don't know).
Now we're home and watching "Cloudy With a Chance of Meat Balls," which is actually pretty cute. It has the right amount of comedy to where it doesn't suck entirely, which is awesome.

I know, my life is just /so/ interesting.
I've enjoyed these past few days, though. It's been nice getting to be spontaneous while spending time with friends and family.

Pretty sure I work for the rest of this week (I may have Friday off? I don't know), and I have this clubbing thing planned for Friday (if I don't get paid on Thursday it may not happen).

Still haven't written the blog I wanted to. Stay tuned. It'll happen. Maybe.

Currently Reading: "The Bermudez Triangle" by Maureen Johnson


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