Day 10, I love my Friends.

Something that you should know about me is that I value the people in my life above most things.
Books are awesome, DVDs are wonderful, Owls are fan-freakin'-tastic, and Harry Potter is amazing, but the people in my life are just so...
Fabulously Awesome and encouraging and funny and awe inspiring.
I'm constantly reminded of this fact, every day, every few minutes of that day.
When I'm having a bad day or not feeling my best, these people are here to help. They lend an ear when I ask for one, and always manage to cheer me up. Even when I don't let them in on how emotionally disjointed I'm feeling they STILL manage to cheer me up.
And it's not just for that reason.
They're ultimately selfless, fun loving, funny, genuine, nerdy, rockin' people. They break me out of my shell, take me on adventures, and love me despite all of my faults.
It is because of this that I feel truly blessed.

Earlier tonight I was really frustrated with crap going on over here, and I started talking to one of my friends about other things besides what was going on. I just wanted to get past it, ya know?
So we started catching up, and ended up talking about hanging out with Eric (ya can't have a conversation between two girls without some boy talk), and this gem of a quote came up:
"I told him we would practice hugging." "Yeah, and then you can practice having sex."
It was so far out of left field that I just busted out laughing, right then.
I mean it's not a bad idea, but not an appropriate one to have at the moment, ya know? One step at a time.
(Side note: That doesn't mean that I'll eventually expect Sex from any friendship (or relationship) with a guy.)
(Though sometimes that's a perk that just pops out of nowhere. Which I am fine with.)
(Now I'm just being silly.)

Ah, man. My friends. Even the smallest, sometimes dirty, jokes can make one feel so much better.
I love you guys, and I'm really grateful to have you all as part of my life.
Even if most of you don't real my blog : )


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