Day 31, Last Day of BEDA

So it's the last day of Blog Every Day in August, and to be honest, I'm pretty relieved.
I don't mind blogging every day, but it's on the threshold of becoming a chore.
Not there yet, but almost.
And with school starting, it'll be nice not to have to focus on this as well as keeping up with my school work.

Today all I really did was wake up, eat, get ready and head to work. It felt nice to sleep in until noon after not having much sleep the day before.
Work was challenging, but not as crazy as I thought it would be.
We had one person the floor, our manager, my cashier, me, and our framer. In other words we were short staffed by one person, and I was expected to recover a section of the store as well as be an FES.
No problem. I knew I would rock this shift.
I spent an hour up front in between cashiers, in which I rang people up and took a minute to look at the dividers on the tower baskets and attempted to move things around within them. I got the trash, finished it when my cashier arrived, took a lunch, and recovered floral and all of scrapbooking. I sent my cashier to do the bathrooms/breakroom, and when she got back 20 minutes later I closed registers. Our floor person and framer had the go backs finished. By 9:30, we were out of there.

When I got home I opened my books, and put a couple of them in binders since they weren't bound. I feel like I should do more toward school, but I have tomorrow and Thursday to actually do the homework that's due on Friday and get my online stuff going.

I wish I had a story or something to dazzle you with on this last day, but I really don't.
I will, however, post some memorable quotes from "The Bermudez Triangle."

Last Book Finished: "The Bermudez Triangle" by Maureen Johnson

Memorable Quotes:
"... She realized how much she missed her. Except it wasn't like she was realizing something new but finally naming some kind of nagging ache that had been bothering her for a long time."

"Getting ready for Valentine's Day has been the worst."
"That's because Valentine's Day sucks ass."
"She likes you, so tell her you like her. Make it suck less."
Parker shook his head.
"No one can do that," he said sagely. "Not even the president, or Gandalf, or anybody."

Okay, that's all.
I'll most likely write in a couple of days.
I need a break : )


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