Day 6, I Almost Forgot...

I am sitting on my living room couch, listening to Owen play "Super Mario Galaxy," wearing comfy pajamas (valentines day shorts from YEARS ago, and a one-fish-two-fish-red-fish-blue-fish shirt), catching up on Twitter, and mom walks in here and says "What's today's date!?"
Oh, right. It's the sixth.
The Sixth day of BEDA.
BEDA being the activity of blogging every day in August...
Oh right.
Need to update.

I just learned how to do the "Turkey" from Owen. Apparently when one person goes for a fist bump, the other does a high five. When they collide it looks like a turkey. I love this kid.

So today was good.
I woke up at noon with these thoughts. "I don't work today. I can sleep... Oh wait, crap. No I can't. I work today."
I made myself get out of bed and relocate to my couch. After about an hour, I ate some food and made myself get ready for work.
I got to work 30 minutes early because I planned on being brave and taking initiative and talking to that guy, but I didn't. He was with a customer, so I went back to the break room and listened to music while playing my mind-numbing game on my iPod touch.
I was the main FES today, and I was actually by myself for an hour. I didn't have a cashier until 5, so I was stuck on the register.
At one point I got to take a lunch, and that was nice; I got to unwind and be mindless for 30 minutes.
We were short a manager, and a person on the floor, but we had me (the FES-in-training), the FES who offered advice when I asked questions, our framer/manager, and the real floor person, so we made it work.
Mom came in at one point and cleaned up my section a bit for me, which was really nice; it was still clean when I went to recover.
I was able to do some go backs, recovery, and close a few registers before 8:30, which is when I was condemned to the registers until closing time.
We got out of there at 9:30, which is pretty good considering we didn't have the correct number of people.

When I walked through the door I was met with the sight of Owen playing video games and Rachel on her computer. I immediately unwrapped my package from the website I ordered from, and pulled out my two new WheezyWaiter t-shirts. One is navy blue with someone doing a handstand and it says "Dare to Be Pointless," and the second is brown and says "I love it when the coffee's done" in white curly writing. And they fit, which is certainly a plus.
Mom is making me chicken nuggets, which is really nice. I love me some chicken nuggets.

As a side note, I'm going to throw in that I've lost 4.9 pounds since I last weighed, whenever that was. I don't know how it's happening, but I'm happy with it. I rather like getting onto Wii Fit and having it say "You're only 7.9 pounds away from your goal!" Makes the whole "eating less" thing worth it.

Alrighty, that's all from me tonight.
I'll write tomorrow : )

Currently Reading: Nothing, because I need to spend some time in reality. I'll start reading again in a few days.


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