Day 9, Wow

I woke up yesterday a 8:30 (you got a blog update at 9... you're welcome : D), got ready for work, and clocked in at 10:30 after sitting in the break room for thirty minutes.

I couldn't fathom why the front would be unattended for thirty minutes while the store was open so I got there early just in case. When I walked in I saw the cashier up front and felt pretty dumb and mad at myself for not sleeping for thirty more minutes.

Work was actually pretty fast paced. I spent the first two hours ringing people up and trying to fill holes up front by pulling boxes down from upstairs and candy from the back. I took a break at noon and played my mindless "remove these circles by matching the colors together" game, then went back to the front. I rang people up and did write offs and hard ticketed clearence items and eventually got to take a lunch at three. I got Taco Bell and spent the remainder of it in the break room listening to music, texting, and doing a crossword puzzle. I picked "body parts" as the category and immediately wondered if "Penis" was thrown in there. About the time I decided that there was no way for it to be in there because it's a kids' crossword puzzle game, I discovered the word "Boner." Way to live up to my expectations, game. The last three and a half hours were spent hard ticketing, recovering, ringing people up, sending people on break, closing registers, messing up one of the registers, and counting all five registers plus the change drawer. We got out of there around 7:45, which is good because we still had people in the store and one register open at 7:10. It was also pretty good because I was the only FES and didn't mess up bad enough to where we were stuck there thirty minutes after close.

When I got home I grabbed some dinner, change clothes, put on some eyeliner (it's my saving grace when I look very tired), hung out with Ben and Rachel, and waited on Eric to get here.
He arrived around 9, started chatting with us, and ended up talking with Ben about politics for about an hour. A long stretch of that was me trying to stay awake, watch Rachel play Harvest Moon (which is incredibly boring, thanks for asking), try to talk to her, and nod at the bits of the political discussion that I actually understood (which, between you and me, wasn't a whole lot). When we finally got Rachel off of her game, we popped in "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe" and alternated people in and out of game play. I won two battles, but didn't win any matches. Especially not against Eric, who is a freaking bad ass at fighting games. I beat him one time last time we played (and he was nice enough to inform me that it was as cat woman; I was shocked the he remembered, yet impressed at the same time), but haven't beat him since. I need to practice more so that I can actually win next time. After that game got boring, Ben left, Rachel went to her computer, and Eric and I watched "The Big Lebowski" (after we spent nearly 30 minutes looking through instant netflix movies and finding nothing that all four of us agreed on). It was nice. The movie was funny, my cat was cute, and Eric is fun to hang out with. I had a lot of fun last night. He went to leave by 1:15 a.m., and we both got distracted by the cats. I managed to get a hug out of him, and mispoke by saying "This isn't a very good hug," which was rude and stupid. It WAS a nice hug. I'm grateful that someone who isn't a huggy person was nice enough to hug me in the first place : )
So, yes. He left at 1:15, and I didn't sleep until 2:30. My brain and body weren't functioning hardly at all by the time my head hit the pillow.

I slept 11 hours, and woke up to a text from Mason. After dragging myself out of bed at 1:30, I texted him some more, sat on the internet, popped in to John Green's blog TV Show, watched Rachel play her video games, and went outside to tan for ten minutes before almost melting.
And now I'm back in pajamas and sitting on the couch wondering if today could be more boring.
We're talking about watching a movie but can't settle on one. Rachel just moved the couch with her feet because she didn't feel like moving it like a normal person. Dani and I are talking on Facebook chat for the first time in months. I'm debating about whether or not I should nap. I hope we find a movie soon. I may even go shower. Hm. Infinite possibilities.

Kaaaaaay. I'm done.
Have a great day!
I'll talk to you tomorrow.


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