Day Five, What?

Today I woke up at 1 in the afternoon, came to my couch, and started watching TV.
I got a phone call from my uncle an hour later that rattled me a bit, though I don't feel comfortable talking about what he said. It's not that HE made me feel uncomfortable; it's just that the information that he shared with me is family business and probably shouldn't be broadcasted.

I ended up watching "America's Funniest Videos," and getting grossed out at their spitting-up baby montage at the VERY END. Really? Why would you do that? It wasn't even funny; it just looked like a bunch of puke scenes from "The Exorcist."

I also ended up watching "The Tyra Show," which rattled and frustrated me a little. There was an actress from "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" who was talking about how she doesn't have a good self-image. She said that when she was fifteen years old, she and her boyfriend at the time got naked in a bed, and when he looked at her he said "You're too skinny, I can see your ribs. You disgust me."
First of all, you don't tell a woman ANYTHING like that, no matter her age. If you don't find her attractive, don't get naked with her. If you get naked with her, say it a bit more discreetly, or don't say anything at all.
Secondly, who doesn't value other human beings as much as they value themselves? Other than terrorists and/or evil dictators, I mean? Honestly, I don't know how I would handle that situation, though I would NOT continue dating him, or let his testicles go unpunished.
Thirdly, do people not realize how much words affect others? I mean, even /I/ know how much they affect others, and I don't have a very good mental block when it comes to what I say. Imagine how much hearing those few words destroyed her. She's an adult now, super cute, an actress, and she STILL has those issues. I feel incredibly sad for her, because I'm fully aware of what it's like to be torn down and beaten and never fully recover from it. I hope that she does get a chance to heal and be confident; I know it gets better with time, and that she's fully capable.

At the moment I'm watching "Gargoyles," as per usual lately, and it sucks. Not in the fact that it's bad, just the fact that there's so much crap going on.
Elisa kissed her cop partner, and Goliath saw. Elisa and Goliath love each other, so that was hard to watch; Goliath was so sad.
Then Elisa "died," and Goliath turned to stone as he was crying.
Sad day.
Ahahah. I love Brooklyn. He's got a great sense of humor.

... I need to watch less TV...

I went to work at 5 today, and was the FES-in-training again.
I did everything an FES is supposed to do, locked eyes a few times with the guy that I'm interseted in, got really stinkin' nervous because that's the effect he has on me, and despite the fact that we got really busy toward closing time, I had all of the registers closed by 9:30.
I hope it goes that smoothly tomorrow night.

When I got home I ate dinner and ended up turning "Gargoyles" back on.
Ah, Brooklyn again. He's stinkin' awesome, man.

Okay, I'm done having a geek fest and stuff.
I'll write tomorrow.


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