Day Three, Decent Day

Today I woke up closer to one in the afternoon than I meant to...
That's what I get for staying awake until 4 a.m. Haha.
I ended up sitting around until 2:30, getting laundry together and waking mom up, and getting to the laundromat at 3.
We washed all of our clothes, got home at 4, and I threw in a work uniform in the hopes that it would be dry by 4:30.
After sitting ont he couch for fifteen minutes, I did my hair, makeup, got my clothes, changed, put on shoes, and headed out the door at 4:46.

Once I got to work, I stayed in the car to hear Linkin Park's new single, "Catalyst," and let me tell ya... I was not impressed. It was flat and emotionless. You could tell Chester tried, but he didn't succeed nearly as well as he has in past albums. Even the chorus, which is usually the hook for any song, was flat. Just... not a good song.

Tonight at work was... new. And different. And freaked me out for the first couple of hours. I walked in and was told that I was the FES. I would do what the FES is supposed to do; take the trash, send people on break, get change for people, get things out of the office for people, make sure everything up front looked good, recover my section, ring people up, close the registers at the end of the night, count the change drawers... I was stressing. Big time. After my break I was able to relax a bit and do what I knew I should do. The change drawer wasn't too too hard; there were quite a few steps but I wrote them down, and hopefully it will go smoothly when I need to do that myself later on this week. I was able to leave there at 9:45, which wasn't bad at all.

Now I'm home. I grabbed a turkey-burger patty, squirted ketchup on the side, and got myself a bowl of cantelope. Best. Dinner. Ever.
I'm about to read more of "Fang," or perhaps watch "Criminal Minds," or Both.

I'm sorry the ending to my blogs are so anticlimactic... I really don't know how to end them.



Currently Reading: "Fang" by James Patterson


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