First day of school, first day of school!

First I would like to say that I forgot that there were 31 days in this month, so you get two more blog posts for BEDA. As exhausting as it is right now, I'm glad that this is the case. But that means that I can't feed you some bullcrap about how despite the fact that I'm sad that BEDA is ending, it is the beginning of my new semester and more experiences.
So at least you're spared that : p

Last night I didn't get into bed around 2, and I'm keeping a lot of what went on to myself. I just feel like this is one of those things I would rather have to myself than to broadcast it on the Internet. I'm sure whoever else is involved would agree : )

After some spirratic bursts of sleep, I dragged myself out of bed, to the bathroom to get dressed, then to the kitchen. I popped in a blueberry bagle for me, put one in for Mason, did my hair (kind of), my makeup, and bid Mason goodbye before driving to campus for the first day of this semester.

I went to Government first, and it was pretty cool. For an 8 a.m. class with a bunch of sleepy people in it, we were pretty lively. Our Professor is realy funny and admits her flaws (she cusses quite a bit) and made all kinds of jokes and is starting off with the Philosophy of government. I like her already. There was also a sign language interpretor which I found pretty cool.

On the way from Government to Speech, I'm pretty sure I saw Eric but couldn't be entirely sure. I almost shouted at him but didn't want to startle him or anyone around me outside. I went to the wrong building in search of my Speech class, double checked my schedule in the writing lab, and walked to the correct building. We were corralled and led to the Library, where we had our first class with all 50something people. I found out that a friend from high school is in there with me, and in the same group as I am, so that should make the class less painful. She split us into an A and a B group, and the groups alternate class weeks. My week is next week, but then I don't have to show up the week after. I'm actually pretty excited.

I went from Speech to Math and sat through a lecture while trying not to fall asleep. The professor tried to make the syllabus interesting, but it didn't happen. I spent the entire class forcing my eyes to stay open, then got confused when she started talking about what we're going to be learning. She spoke like everyone should know what they're doing, which isn't really the case for a remedial class (or, I didn't think so). So now I have to figure out how to catch up and see if I can understand it. This class will be fun.

After Math, I walked across the campus to the PE building for, you guessed it, PE. It rained while I was on my way there, which I rolled my eyes at; of course it would rain when I absolutely had to walk across campus. I spent that class forcing my eyes to stay open and wishing that I could just go nap in my car. The professor who did the majority of the speaking repeated herself a lot, and had I been awake I would have had to choke back laughter; I don't do well with redundancy. I'm pretty sure they let us out on time, though to be honest I don't know why they held us so long; they wanted to wait until later in the week to discuss things more in depth, and let us know several times during the time that they held us there. What was the point?

When we were finally released, I walked back across campus for Creative Writing, which I was excited about the most. Now I have mixed feelings. Our professor is nice, but she strikes a nerve for reasons that I can't quite place. She is a published author, which is awesome, and expects us to buy her book of poems for fifteen dollars (not so excited about that part). She lectured about this website that she created specifically for our class, had us close our eyes and imagine things (during which I fell asleep), and concluded the class by around the room asking us our name, inspirational books we've read, and what kind of works we usually write.

After class, I went to the Writing Center to print of syllibi (sylibuses?), and went to the Book Store in the Student Center to purchase the few books that I actually need. I managed to find them by myself by looking at my schedule and paying close attention to the signs taped to the shelves. I stood in the extra long line with three very thick books, two blue books, a packet of scantrons, my notebook and recreational reading piled in my arms for a good twenty or thirty minutes. I kept trying to switch arms, but that didn't quite work out as planned. I eventually paid for my books and got to walk back to the parking lot where I left my car. I was kind of taken aback by the fact that my books cost $200something, but then I remember that I had quite a bit left of my grant, so I felt better.

I drove home listening to Nirvana, said hello to Rachel upon arrival, and went back to my room to sleep for two hours. Three hours later, after knocking Kitty-Kitty out of my bed and throwing a stuffed animal at her to keep her from shredding my novel-in-progress, I crawled out of bed and came to the couch. After figuring out how much money mom and I have when it comes to our respective paychecks, I started blogging.

Now there is a pizza man at our door depositing a pizza into dad's hands and awaiting payment. He's asking dad how cost effective rolling cigarettes is. And now he's gone. After taking $16something from us. For one pizza. What?

I may do some laundry here soon; our washing machine is fixed and I'm really stinkin excited.

I need to make a trip to WalMart for binders and such, so I suppose I should do that soon.

I think that's all that I have to say today, so I'm going to go.
I'll write tomorrow for the for-real end of BEDA.


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