Four Eyes!

Today I woke up at 9:05 a.m., looked at my clock, groaned, and rolled over. I don't know why I'm having trouble sleeping in past then, but I would like my body to stop now. At 11:55, I forced myself out of bed, stumbled toward mom's room, and hopped in the shower in her bathroom. When I got out, I grabbed a diet coke, some brunch, and ended up having to get ready to run errands after about thirty minutes. I walked out of the house at 1:45 with wild, curly hair and my family in tow.

At 2, we pulled into the parking lot of our eye doctor place. We sat, filled out some forms, joked around, and I was the first to be shot in the eye with the air pressure testing thing. He shot the right one just fine, but since I was expecting the left I kept blinking rapidly so the air shot my eyelid. Then he led me back to the examination room where I failed to read the last two lines of the chart, and got one letter of the third line down wrong. He said that the second line is what you're expected to read for a driver's test, so I'm "barely legal to drive." Awesome.

I was given the option of contacts or glasses, and picked contacts after waiting to see how mom and Rachel's examinations went. After having two different brands of contacts put into my eyes, picking one, taking the right one in and out, irritating my right eye until it hurt, and crying, I decided that I can't do contacts. The contacts were entirely too frustrating for me to deal with, and that final burning sting was just enough to send me over the edge.
Something that you should be aware of is that I hate giving up; I try to see things through until the end. I felt terrible when I finally decided that my original choice wasn't going to work. So my tears were part frustration, part pain, part guilt for wasting their time and resources, and part anger at myself for not being able to follow through. I'm much better now, but right then it all just sucked.
I ended up going to the glasses area and looking at ten or twelve different pairs before finding the perfect pair. The lady picked it up, handed it to me, and immediately after putting them on I knew they were for me. They're semi-thick plastic glasses that are complimented by my hair color, and are nerdy enough to fit my personality. I love them already, and can't wait for them to come in.
When I finally decided that they were for me and explained that to my sister, she looked at me and said "Yes, you are a nerdfighter." Haha.
I'll only need them while driving and while I'm in class (I'm near sighted, which means I can't see things too far away), but they'll be totally worth it. I'm kind of tired of squinting at street signs and pressing myself against my steering wheel to see what they say.

We came home after about two hours there, ate some lovely salads, and mom and I are fixing to go to WalMart.
We have to do laundry after that, and are eventually going to have chicken for dinner.

Why yes, it is an ordinary day, but I like it : )


Edit: My day just got much more interesting. Dad is MIA at the moment. His cell is off, he was evicted from that one dude's house, his stuff is in my car, and he is nowhere to be found. Mom assumes that he's in jail, which is likely if the fire marshall showed up while he was drinking on the porch and he got rowdy. I took my car back and was surprised by how trashed it is; there are pringles cans everywhere, cigarette packages and a random CD lay in the floorboard up front, and dad's clothes and things litter the back seat and trunk. I don't know where he's going from here, but I hope to God that mom doesn't allow him to stay here... We don't need this. He needs to figure his life out - he's a grown ass man living a troubled teen's life. Time for him to act like he's an adult.

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