The Future Me

The past couple of days have really been full of work and such.
So let's just hash them out so we can get to the good stuff.

Yesterday I woke up around 1 in the afternoon only to be lazy, chat with my family, and eventually haul butt to work because I didn't get ready until too late. I remember trying to watch a couple movies, one of them being Triple X, but I didn't get to finish that one.
I did the usual stuff that the closing FES is responsible for. I took out the trash, helped my cashier, made sure the front was clean, made sure my recovery area looked good, and eventually closed down registers. My numbers still won't work when it comes to printing reports, which is frustrating; I can't do half of the job that I need to do if my numbers don't work. So I borrow other people's numbers (usually the managers on duty) and go from there, but if they're busy (like last night) it takes awhile to get their attention so that I can actually do my job.
I encountered a small problem last night while trying to count the drawers. One of the registers came up $10 over, and the other count that I have to do came up $10 short. So I had to redo that, and figure out why the second count was STILL short. After that, I didn't encounter any more problems. I actually felt kind of bad because I closed all of the registers with a customer still in the store, which is a big no-no. Then we had to help our manager/framer clean up the frame shop, had him sign all of the money bags, and were finally able to leave at 9:45. When we were finished at 9:15. Ugh.
I don't remember how the rest of the night was. I think I just sat out in the living room with mom watching TV, and eventually showered. I know I talked to a few people online. And read "Living Dead Girl" by Elizabeth Scott. I finished that book in ONE day; it was short and engrossing and dark and sad and I had to distance myself from it in order to get through it. Even the ending was sad.

Today I woke up bright and early at 7:15 to mom walking in and informing me that it was, indeed, 7:15. So I wandered around like a zombie, got ready for work, and clocked in by 9. I had a lot more to do today than the other day; I did two separate write off things, hard ticketed items, set a power pannel planogram, flexed items into the baskets near my register, cleaned, ran through some recovery, flexed items into the tower baskets, ate a couple of oreos because the homecoming ladies were super nice and shared, joked around with Cliff (but not as much as usual), joked with my manager, counted my drawer, and got the heck out of there at 3.
There were a few things at work that I thought about mentioning, like this woman who had a red Betty Boop shirt, and Betty Boop's eyes were RED. Like a demon. Then there were a couple of really cute babies with stunning blue eyes. But neither of those things compares to this woman I had the pleasure of meeting.
She was short, blond, and looked to be about 40. When I looked at her face, the first thing I noticed were her eyebrow and nose piercings. When you looked elsewhere, you could see tattoos on her wrists and arms, and I think there was even one at the back of her leg. That, my friends, will most likely be me at 40. Minus the blond hair and facial piercings.

I came home, napped 'til five, had a hard time waking up again, got dressed, and discovered the my desktop is jacked up.
My dad is really the only one who uses that, besides Owen, and occasionally me (when I film videos), so it was obvious who jammed the power button in so far that it was off center. I was pretty pissed. He came back here after a night of drinking still drunk and was apparently difficult to talk to. I didn't talk to him much; I don't like dealing with him when he's drunk. He's either really slow or really angry, and I have patience for neither.
This whole computer thing spurred a fight with my mom that lasted for thirty minutes. I didn't know why she suddenly felt the need to yell at me and nag at me for every little thing, or what started this fight in the first place. I had no idea that she was in pain and that her foot is still broken and that her procedure didn't go so well. That's what it boiled down to: she was uncomfortable and taking whatever she could out on me. Which, unfortunately, I understand, because sometimes I do that very same thing. We ended up making up before Rachel and I left, but I was still upset; I wasn't sure what I did to warrant such a response, and I'm still not sure. She wasn't either.

Rachel and I drove to get Chris, and got there pretty easily this time around. I think that's only because I didn't follow YahooMaps and went the back roads, which is pretty straight forward.
After kidnapping him, we went to the mall and ended up eating in the food court. I got ChikFillet, Rachel got some Chinese Food stuff, and Chris got pizza. Then we went to the theater, purchased our tickets, and located our theater. I left for a minute to get a water, returned, and waited for the movie to start. At one point I saw a familiar looking guy, did a double take, realized who it was, and saw Kimmi walking behind him. We chatted for a few minutes and ended up texting for a couple before settling in with our designated movie people. It was really weird that we picked the same movie AND showing; I don't think that's happened before.
Just in case you're curious, we saw "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," which was honestly really funny. I loved the characters, liked how they tied gaming into the movie, liked how people exploded into coins, and very rarely thought "Why are we seeing this movie...?"
After the movie, Rachel and I took Chris home and came home ourselves.

Now I'm in my PJs, in bed, watching Kitty-Kitty snooze next to me, and texting. I figured I would update my blog before I pass out, which I'm sure will happen within the hour. We'll see.

I'll write tomorrow!


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