I Choose to be an Awkward Dork

After calling a couple people and trying to get someone to come with me (that failed miserably because most people have plans on Friday nights), I went to the club.
This experience was much more tame.

We left the house at 8, swung by the bank, got gas, and headed out to Dallas.
The drive there was really uneventful; we sang songs, I had Rachel do my usual skim through the radio stations during commercials, and we eventually turned the radio off to listen to the GPS.

Upon arriving I had a mini freak out, at which Rachel and Ben laughed. I said "I don't belong here. I don't belong here. I think I'm too white."
"Kimbra," Rachel said, "Did you see the people in line? You belong here. Shut up."
So we stood in line for a few minutes, and I took a minute to show Rachel how to dance. "Just bounce," I said. "Like this, on the front part of your feet."
"I like to sway," Rachel replied, and proceeded to demonstrate some awkward dance move involving slowly swaying your hips. Pretty sure I like my dance move better.

When we were let inside, Ben and I received stamps that say "Electro" (mine is still on my hand despite my shower), we received raffle tickets (no idea where mine went), and took a trip to the bathroom. When we picked a place to sit, I walked to the nearest bar and proceeded to order a vodka shot. I got a little overzealous and ended up spilling a bit on me, which was embarassing; I wasn't even drunk yet. Then I proceeded to order a second one and declined a chaser, which I think surprised the bartender. Then we sat down, and I was tipsy in ten minutes, drunk in another five.
I eventually had Ben get me a diet coke because the vodka was making me nautious and he scared the Hell out of me when he reappeared. Eventually Ben and I stepped out to get a hot dog. I hadn't eaten since my lunch break at work, so the hot dog was much needed. The guy at the hot dog stand was really nice. When I stood next to the building to eat, he said "Ya know, you could eat that in there..."
"Nooope," I said, "I'm fine riiight here."
I scarfed down the hot dog because we left Rachel by herself, and it was hot.
(Side note: It just clicked with me that maybe the roof of my mouth is burned because of the hot dog, and not the vodka. Huh. The things you learn once you sober up.)

After getting back inside, we sat around for a bit longer and ended up dancing. You can't just sit there while listening to techno; it's basically impossible. Even when we were sitting I was bouncing and moving my arms and jammin'.
I tried to get Rachel to see that all you need to do is move your body and you're good, and Ben got her to loosen up a bit. She's not a bad dancer; she's just not confident.
They danced together after a few minutes, and I danced by myself. At one point, Rachel stepped out and Ben was nice enough to dance with me.
Then I got tired so we went back to the side and sat with a random guy who I almost asked if he would share his beer with me. But I didn't because some small part of my brain regulating social interraction said it would be inappropriate.
There was one point where we went upstairs to sit in the comfy chairs and I ended up getting another shot of vodka and a diet coke.
Then we danced danced danced, danced danced danced.
When we sat down the last time and watched the few dancers, I ended up reclining a bit and falling asleep. A member of the staff stopped to check on me, which was pretty embarassing, so after I reassured him that I was fine we got Ben's tab and left. I apologized for that, but Rachel and Ben reassured me that they were ready to go anyway.
On the way out I started digging through my keys and tried handing them to Ben saying "I could drive, but I'm sure that it wouldn't be a very good idea" as I tried to catch up with him. The hot dog guy looked over and said something along the lines of "Y'all stay safe," to which I responded "We'll be alright. He's driving."

The drive home was weird. I babbled in the back seat while Rachel and Ben figured out how to get home as they tried to talk to me. We stopped at Whattaburger for a honey butter chicken biscuit, and on the way out of the parking lot ended up singing "A hole in the bottom on the sea." It may surprise you to know that Rachel started singing that, and I was the one who joined in.
When we finally got home we sat out here for a minute and Ben informed me that I'm a good dancer. I'm sure the rave lights helped A LOT, but I appreciated that. Maybe I'm not as bad of a dancer as I thought.

After sleeping like a freakin' rock from 3 a.m. to 1 p.m., I was pretty well rested. I woke up to a text message at 11:30, but I answered it with "Sleeeeeeeep."
I didn't have a hangover, which was awesome.
I showered, eventually got dressed, ran errands with mom, did my hair when I got home, and should probably do my makeup since I have to leave the house in less than an hour.
The CiCi's reunion is in about an hour, and I'm PUMPED.
I haven't seen a few of these people in forever.

Tomorrow I'm pretty sure Rachel, mom and I are going out of town.
I am going to prepare by typing up a blog post that I can just copy and paste before we leave, installing Sims 3 on my laptop, and packing a few books and movies and clothes.
We'll most likely be back Monday night, since I work on Tuesday, so I won't miss a day of BEDA. Awesome!

Okaaaay, I've held you here long enough.
I'll write tomorrow!


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