I Didn't Even Realize That You Switched Genres Again...

You will have to bear with me - I had a Margarita at dinner and now I'm dealing with the after effects.
Which includes being slightly, slightly tipsy and sleepy.
You won't really have to deal with the side effects... You just get to read what my brain sends to my fingers.
I, however, have to deal with trying to get all of the spaces between the words and make sure that they're spelled correctly.
Blogging is just so very hard, you have no idea... < /sarcasm >
(html jokes for the win!)


Today I became semi-conscious at around 7 a.m. because mom walked into my room and let Kitty-Kitty in.
Then she realized that I didn't work this morning, so she had to grab the cat who was trying to wake me up and leave.
At 11:30, I woke up and looked at my alarm clock, thinking that it was like three in the afternoon. When I realized that it wasn't 3 p.m., I rolled over and went back to whatever weird dream I was having.
At 1 p.m., I woke up for the final time and forced myself out of bed. I love sleeping in but that was a little bit too late.
I walked out to the living room to discover Rachel and Owen watching the first season of Pokemon.
I was SO pumped. I believe it was the second or third episode with Caterpie, who actually evolved during that episode to a Metapod, then a Butterfree. During the episode I ended up saying "I hate Metapod. What is the point of it? All it does is harden, and it doesn't even learn tackle until it's almost evolved. It's as useless as a Magikarp."
Apparently Owen hadn't seen that season, which is believeable since he's only 10, but it certainly made me feel bad for the kid. He missed out on the best season.
He didn't even know what the Pokerap was! I had to Youtube it and show him. I even managed to rap some of it at the very end; it was the only part I knew.
I ended up talking to Eric for a bit, getting ready, and running errands with my momma.
We went to Walgreens, the bank, and chillis, but not in that order. I was able to chill for an hour after we got home. I spent that time playing tic-tac-toe with Owen, wrestlin' with him, and talking to Chris.
I picked Kimmi up around 6:30, and we met her sister at Cheddars. Amanda and Kendra joined us, and we stood around talking and looking at our surroundings while we waited to be seated. The cool thing about Cheddars is that they have a fish tank in one of the walls that captivates my attention every single time. Except, this time, there were people blocking the fish tank; I thought about going and looking anyway and joked about shoving them aside, but didn't.
We eventually got seated and ordered our drinks. Kendra got a margarita, Amanda got a Dr Pepper, Kimmi got something called "The Painkiller" (which was really, really strong), I got a Margarita with strawberry swirled in there, and Kimmi's sister got a daqueri I believe. Once the drinks arrived we swapped them and tasted each other's to see what they were like, which was fun because that way we got a variety. We ordered food, talked, drank our drinks, and had a fan-freakin'-tastic time. By the time we left, Kendra was tipsy, I was tipsy, and Kimmi was sleepy. We all left around 8:30, and everyone got home alright.
I said hey to dad and Rachel when I arrived, put on my pajamas, and looked for a movie to watch via Netflix with Rachel. I was on the Internet and/or texting, and when I looked up she would be in the middle of searching through an entirely different genre than the previous one. I finally said "How do you keep doing that!? I never notice when you switch genres!"
We finally settled on watching "Signs," though a Godzilla movie almost won.
This movie is one that I rarely get tired of. Every time I see it I notice something different, and it's suspenseful instead of gory. I also like "Eight Legged Freaks" for this reason, though that's a lot more stupid than scary. I can handle suspenseful movies, even ones with creatures, as long as there isn't any ripping, tearing, blood, or shredding.

Okay, I suppose that's all.
I'm going to actually watch this movie now.
That, or install Sims 3 on this laptop finally.
I'll write tomorrow!

Currently Reading: "The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson"


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