Just in Case

I'm updating now, even though my day is far from over, because I have no idea how my night will go.
So here we go!

I worked bright and early today, and actually had a pretty busy day.
I hard-ticketed three carts worth of items, taped things to each register, cleaned the fifth register, took a break, took a lunch, rang people up aaaaaaall day, counted down my register after borrowing someone else's numbers (again... AGAIN!), and got out of there at 3 after talking with one of my coworkers. Through most of this I was pretty tired and cranky, but I managed to do my job with a smile on my face. Mostly.
I came home, talked with my family for a bit, and ended up sleeping from 3:30 to 5.
I woke up and came out to the living room after my nap only to get sucked into a cheerleading movie that my family is watching. It's pretty funny in some parts, but honestly I'd prefer a football movie.

We're (Ben, Rachel and I) are talking about going clubbing. By "talking about" I mean that they've decided and I'm on the fence about it. I've had ONE clubbing experience, and was pretty smashed by the time we got there so I don't remember that much. I mean, I remember seeing a "short person" doorman who freaked me out, a strange guy trying to drag me off somewhere after dancing with me for a bit and me screaming "I don't even know you!," stumbling down stairs, stumbling up stairs, drinking some water, almost getting lost in the bathroom, making it home safely because I didn't drive, and hearing stories for a week about how I "danced with an Ewok" (people dressed up since it was close to Halloween) and several other strangers. Obviously, I don't really know how to act in a club setting.
(Side note: I am not always that sloppy of a drunk. That was after A LOT of straight vodka, which agrees with me entirely too well.)
(Side Note, 2: There are people who will tell you that that first statement is a lie. I'll leave it up to you to decide who to believe.)

Anyway, so I'm on the fence about clubbing. My early day combined with my lack of dance moves combined with the fact that I just don't know how clubbing works makes me kind of apprehensive.

If I don't go, I'll end up sitting here all night. So my choices are to 1) Be an awkward dork or 2) Be a lame young adult who sits at home on Friday nights. Hmmm. Which should I roll with?

Tomorrow is "A CiCi's Get Together!" at our old location, which I am EXTREMELY excited about. As far as I know there are only seven or eight of us who are going to make it, but there are a few people going who I haven't seen in forever. Honestly, I can't wait.

I have Sunday and Monday off as well, which means that I have the entirety of Tax Free Weekend off. When I told my coworker that, she flipped me off and said "Dude, who's ass did you have to kiss for that??" I responded with "I must have done some major ass kissing, but I don't care if that's what I had to do for this. I'm pumped!"
Yes, you can tell that we're the best of friends : D

Okay, so if I'm going clubbing I need to get ready. What to wear, what to wear?
(Edit: I settled on jeans and my casual black, kind of low cut, shirt. I completed this ensemble with flip flops. You can tell I know what I'm doing.)


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