Random Happenings

If there's anything that I like as much as Harry Potter and my friends/family, it would be sponteneity.
I like just getting up and going. Or being surprised by random (hopefully good) things.
This past day contained several moments that made me really giddy.

Last night I got to see my pregnant cousin's baby belly.
I also got to watch my youngest cousin beat Bowser.
He came into my room sometime before that carrying a HUGE bag of pretezels. Ginormous. So I asked him to share, and he grabbed a fairly large handful and left them for me. I love that kid.
And at another point I danced to a song about Lasagna; it was a lot of fun, and something that I'm sure only happens in this household.

Today I woke up at 9 a.m. and worked from then until 3.
It was so busy that I got called off of my break, twice, and the second time I sat back there because I only had two minutes left. Then I heard my cashier throw me under the bus while talking to a customer. "They should have people up here to help you!" the customer said. "Well, I called her up here three times, so..." replied my cashier. Jerk. This cashier annoyed me pretty badly today; I couldn't take ten steps away from the register without her calling me up there. I was stuck up there most of the day, and was surprised that I even got to take my lunch break. I was able to set a planogram on a small drive aisle up front (halloween candy), and as I went to count my drawer the lines started piling up again. The manager today got my numbers in the system, so I did a happy dance when I realized I could print reports on my own. On my way to clock out I got stopped by three customers, and clocked out fifteen minutes too late.
I came home, slept for thirty minutes with Kitty-Kitty, and got a phone call from John saying that if I was going to Dallas with he and his friends I should probably get a move on. Sooo I did.
I was at his house by 5, and rode with his friends out to Dallas.
Upon arrival, I went with the ladies to use the restroom (in this random guy's apartment who they knew but I didn't), and when we got back the guys were gone. Playing basketball. Yes, I was annoyed; I thought I was spending time with my friend, and he ditched me. But I got over it eventually, and they got back after a bit. We ate food and talked for a bit. They all ended up getting into the pool, and I sat on the edge allowing my feet to dangle into the water. I tried drinking some beer but didn't like what I tasted, though I did end up liking one and drinking the majority of one can.
We eventually went back to the apartment where two guys were playing "Madden" and watching a football movie. They eventually put Fifa in the console where the movie was, and switched the other game to "Street Fighter." I ended up playing a couple of rounds and one a battle, though I didn't win an entire match. When I asked Eric whether or not this was an improvement, he said "Sure but did you button mash?" ... Maybe a little. Hah.
While I was gaming, the birthday guy walked in and said "Whoa, you're playing?"
/blank stare
"Just because I'm a female doesn't mean I don't like gaming."
"... Is it a cooking game?"
I had to laugh. Sexist jokes are funny to me.
We left there about an hour later and stopped for gas. John and I went on an adventure to see where we could pee, and ended up running across the street to a restauraunt and they closed three minutes before we got there. Sad day.
After getting back into the car we drove, I fell asleep in the back seat, and were eventually deposited in front of John's house. We ended up running up to QT, then to Wendys, then ate out front of his house, and went on a drive and chatted and caught up. I left around 12:15 because I kept falling asleep.
On the way home I checked in with Amanda; she called and wanted to come by because she wasn't feeling well. Come to find out she's in the hospital currently. I hope she gets better soon... I'm worried for her : /
Then I called Mason, chatted with him some, texted with him, and am sitting in the living room by myself in a chair with my cat curled up next to me.
I found out that our washing machine is fixed, so I'm doing laundry at home for the first time in MONTHS. I'm excited. And stoked. I needed work clothes for tomorrow, so this couldn't have happened at a better time.

Okay, I'm going to go. I'm sure it's obvious by now that I'm tired. This post is disjointed and odd and most likely won't made sense when I read it through tomorrow (later today), but I'm not editing it. Though it will bother me.

Summer (and BEDA) ends in two days. I'm excited yet bummed all at once. Bring on the first-day-of-school-Monday!


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