Real Quick

So I'm sitting on the couch next to Mason who would like to use laptop, but I figured I would get blogging out of the way first.

Today was pretty normal.
I slept 'til twelve thirty, had thirty minutes to wake up, had another 45 to get ready, and arrived at work three minutes late.
Work was pretty dang crazy. We were busy, busy, busy all day. Lines kept piling up, and it was hard for me to take my break again today. I read on my break, and can hardly put that book down. I ran late closing registers because I ran late letting my cashier go on her break/clean the bathrooms because I was late recovering my section because of the lines, so we didn't get out until 7:45. Later than that, really, because we couldn't get the alarm to work. I read while waiting for our manager to figure out what was wrong, and stopped when she let us go.
When I got home I showered, texted Mason, ate food, checked facebook, and now Mason is here, I'm about to go grab my ice cream, and allow him to use my laptop.

My day was exciting, yes?
I'm so excited that I have tomorrow off of work.
Though I have my first day of class tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. That's going to suck because 1) it's Monday and 2) I dislike the first day of classes (I get really, really nervous), but I'm excited anyway. It'll be fun experiencing new things.

Anyway, I have tomorrow off, and I'm excited because this was my sixth day of working in a row. I need a day off.

I work Tuesday, have wednesday off, work Thursday, have Friday off, and work Saturday. I'm hoping to have Sunday off, though.

Okaaaaay, I'm done.
I'll write tomorrow, for the final day of BEDA.


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