A Few Good Days

There has been way too much going on to talk about in detail, but I'll do my best to update you : )

Sunday I worked the daytime shift, came home, did some homework, and went out with Mason to the park. We spent almost two hours walking, laying on the merry-go-round, swinging and talking. It was a good night, despite a few things that I'm not going to delve into. We ended up going to QT afterward, came home, chilled on my sofa, and went to bed kind of late (as is the usual). He woke up in the middle of the night with a panic attack, I eventually turned on the light, took down a poster, and we slept with the light on for a couple more hours.

Monday morning went by pretty quickly. I went to most of my classes, skipped PE in order to do math homework, and went to Creative Writing afterward. On the way out I wriggled out of lunch with the guy who asked (I was NOT feeling well, at all; I spent most of the day feeling very sick), and came home to lounge around for a little bit. Mason came over eventually, and after awhile mom got the family together and Ben, Rachel, Mason, mom and I drove to my grandma's house. Mason and I fell asleep eventually, after listening to music, fiddling with his camera, and playing games on my iPod touch. We went to Dairy Queen upon arriving at my grandma's town and spent entirely too much money. We arrived at my grandma's, ate the spectacularly fried food, chatted, recorded more video, and left to go to the river. We recorded more video on the way as we rode in the bed of my uncle's truck, and arrived at the river a minute later. After filming more video and talking with the various family members, I got to ride a sea-do and my bottom half got soaked. We sat out at the river for awhile longer before leaving just before dark and went back to my grandma's. I had the bright idea to climb a hay bale, and we ALL did eventually. I took off running with Mason close behind me, and we all took turns helping each other climb it. Mason and I ended up looking at the stars a little bit after that, and they were beautiful. We all eventually played Dominoes, and Mason and I got decimated by my grandma and Rachel. In all fairness, my grandma is a BEAST at Dominoes, so I didn't hold much hope. Haha. We left around 11, and got home around 1:30. We weren't awake for too much longer after we got home.
Honestly, this day was one of the most perfect days in my mind. I loved the vast majority of it, and can't wait to experience more like it : )

Tuesday was a decent day, though I spent 8 hours at work that day. From 1:30 to 10, I believe. I was excited to finally get to come home after a long day, and Mason came over afterward which was nice.

Wednesday I went to classes, and attended all of them. I know! Way to go, Kimbra! Afterward, I took an hour long nap that made my brain fuzzy for the first hour and a half of work, and had a challenging night. I just didn't want to be there; I wanted to be home, relaxing. We got out of there at 10, and Mason came over when I got home. We sat out here on the couch, watched TV, watched the videos from the other day, he worked on his essay, and I sat on Facebook for awhile. We eventually looked at videos of shofars (musical instrument things) and I got to find out what they sound like. Eventually we went to bed, and slept pretty dang good.

Today I said goodbye to Mason, slept until 12:15, showered, watched crappy daytime TV, tried to edit the videos together again, and talked to Mason throughout the day. I did eat, and should probably go brush my teeth, put on makeup and change for work; I work in thirty minutes, and have to leave in fifteen.
Tonight, Mason is coming over when I get off and there is no tellin' what we'll end up doing.

Tomorrow I have the night off, so after classes Ben, Rachel, Mason and I are going on an adventure.

Saturday I work, and I have no idea about Sunday.

I'm just taking each day at a time, and enjoying life as it comes.
I love my life : )


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