In Society, Women Shouldn't Eat Pizza Because They'll Get Fat! That's Not Okay!

Quick Update: Tuesday night I worked. Yay. Wednesday I did the usual classes thing. I went to government, spent my free hour doing math homework, went to math, skipped PE to do more math homework, went to Creative Writing, and came home to do MORE MATH HOMEWORK. I finished the necessary assignment, so that's good. At five I clocked into work, worked 'til ten, and came home. I got sucked into my chair, finally changed into PJs, started my laundry, and Mason got here at 11. We chatted with my family for awhile and came back to my room to do homework (he wrote his essay, I worked on Math and Facebooked and edited his essay at 1 a.m.). We had cake at one point, and decided to sleep around 2 this morning. At 7 the alarms went off, I said goodbye to him, slept until noon, showered, ate pizza (take that, society!), and am fixing to do a quick walmart run before I get ready for work. I work at five today, 'til close, then Eric is coming over to study for Government stuff. I have classes tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., and then I get to come home and sleeeep. I have dinner plans with the girls (tentative, but they're happening!) and I'm hoping that Mason will be able to come over.

The Point of the Title: I had to watch a video about how women are portrayed in society and got pretty appalled. I had to write a response to it. Both things will be included below.

Video - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1993368502337678412#

Questions that we needed to Answer: 1. What is your reaction to the points made? Do you agree or disagree with what was said about gender stereotypes in the media? Why?

2. How do these images affect YOUR self-concept (this applies to both men and women)? How do these images affect the self-concepts of women and girls or men and boys in general?

3. How does these images in the media affect our perception of women?

My Response -

My reaction to this is increasing anger at how society treats Women. We are picked apart and put back together in the “perfect” way. Our bodies aren’t good enough, our personalities aren’t good enough, and apparently we aren’t capable of having meaningful relationships or emotions. We are dehumanized and beaten, and portrayed as weak and powerless. Needless to say, I fully agree with what she is saying about gender stereotypes in America. It is because of these stereotypes that many young women have self-esteem issues, and some women never fully come to terms with the fact that their bodies are okay.
What the speaker doesn’t touch on is that the women who think lowly of themselves usually end up resenting the women who are “better“ than them; they have everything - the body, the self-confidence, the men… When can these other women have that? The only answer to this question is… When they learn to love themselves, despite the fact that society can not. And sadly, some never will.
As a young girl, even though I was exposed to these images, I was never affected by them; I would see a commercial about how makeup was made out of fish scales and bat poop and think “Gross! I will never have that on my face!” These things changed at thirteen when the kids that I went to school with “knew” that I was imperfect and needed to change; I was fat, and ugly, and that wasn’t cutting it. They got to me before the media did, and at fifteen I finally felt that I needed to do something about it; I weighed less then than I have in a long time. It took years to accept that I am a beautiful individual and that there is nothing wrong with being something other than the “perfect” woman. I don’t feel the pressures of society like I did then; I’m fine with being slightly overweight, having extremely fluffy hair that I choose to tame because I like it better that way, having glasses that make me look like a nerd, and wearing clothes that are not the least bit fashionable. I can perceive the women in magazines for who they are: airbrushed models who are paid to be perfect. The images in this video, though haunting, have no effect on my self-concept; I know who I am - who are they to try to tell me any different? It’s sad to me that a lot of women don’t realize that they’ve fallen victim to society’s belief of who they are; they need the perfect clothes, makeup, shoes and man to make them feel complete, when in reality this is just not the case.
Media causes us to perceive women as innocent, seductive, beyond-beautiful creatures who don’t have minds of their own; we’re only here to look good and satisfy our male counterparts. In some cases, we feed into this perception - we buy the makeup and become the meek version that society portrays because we want to be accepted. God forbid we’re individuals who have minds of our own.

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In other, less mature, words society can suck it.


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