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Today was... okay.
It wasn't good, or bad. It just happened.
I opened the registers at 9 a.m., met a new cashier, went on a break, dealt out breaks, and took care of rather long lines throughout most of the shift. Our district manager came in to shop, and caused a lot of trouble, tension and irritation. He quizzed me over our "six values," even though we don't have to have them memorized until Monday, and taught me how to do store transfers. He left after about an hour of torture, and our assistant manager strolled through the door. He was in trouble, no doubt about it. And we're all mad at our store manager; he isn't taking care of his team - he's leaving us short handed on almost every shift besides his, and messing up a lot of people's schedules.
I was able to leave at 2, which is one of the shortest day shifts I've had.
I was home for about five minutes; long enough to change, grab a slice of cold pizza, and head out the door. I arrived at my cousin's house and stuffed my face a bit more. Eventually my cousin opened her gifts (some of which was a rubber ducky that changes color, several cute clothes, and random other things), we played a game, and ate some really awesome cake. I signed a onesie "You're probably very cute. Love you Lotus! - Kimbra." And Owen signed it "Good luck," which was much more funny and much more profound. He's 10. I'm amazed.
I cleaned my bathroom and bedroom when I got home while listening to a couple of CDs. Dad thought Owen and I were kidding when we told him about it, and felt my forehead after asking "Are you sick?"
Now I'm finally being lazy, because I'm zapped of most of my energy. I'm in the process of washing my bedding, and will wash my clothes, but other than that I can't do much else.

Tomorrow I work 10-6 instead of 12-7:30; I switched with the other FES. I figured that by doing this I am ensuring that I can be home at a decent time (we're having a HUGE ad, so I know they'll be there for awhile during closing), and maybe do some homework. I know Mason is coming over and will be here around 6:30 or 7, and we may go camera shopping.
I'm glad he's coming over tomorrow. I miss him.

Okay, well, that's all from me today.
Wish me luck on dealing with the crazy shift from Hell!


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