My Math Teacher is Infuriating, and Other Things

So today I overslept.
And by overslept, I mean slept in until 8:30 and missed my first two classes.
It was pouring down rain when I finally left my house at 9:20, and I got to drive through flooded streets; there were waves on either side of my car as I drove.
I wore tennis shoes today, at mom's annoying repeated request, and promptly stepped in a large puddle that soaked my feet entirely.
I went into the writing lab in order to print out my assignments, and was finally able to get it to work after five minutes. I then realized that I didn't have a pen or pencil, and on the way to the building that my Math class is in I found one on the ground.
Math today was better than usual. I FINALLY, FINALLY understood how to use the graphing method to find the freaking solution to a set of somethings, so that's good. When asked a couple of questions, our teacher said something along the lines of "We assume you know this." She said it a few times in a few different ways, and I finally said "Why do you assume that we know this when some of us didn't take the previous class and were placed in here by the accuplacer?"
She said something about how one HAS to assume that we know the basic things, because if we didn't we would not have scored so highly on the Accuplacer. And if she took time to review, it would end up becoming the previous class.
I held my tongue then, because I didn't want it to seem like I was challenging her. But inside I was thinking "What the Hell? How is asking you to actually explain, in detail, what we're learning asking you to reteach the previous class?"
I mean, Hell, I didn't even UNDERSTAND what we learned the first day until today. It took four classes for me to get it. She finally explained it in such a way that EVERYONE got it; I wasn't the only one who was completely lost as to how she was getting her damn solutions.
What I don't understand is that I was placed in this REMEDIAL math class in order to brush up on math skills so that I can go into the REAL class. So far, I'm teaching myself almost everything that we've been through because she is just /not/ teaching in a way that I understand. If I can sit through this class, come home not knowing what in the Hell I'm doing, and spend three hours per one Math assignment teaching myself this shit, then WHAT AM I DOING IN THERE? Why can't I do this very same thing in the actual math class and save the tuition that I'm wasting on this class? I'm tempted to go argue with the counselors about this, because it's complete bullshit.
/ end rant
PE was alright. I disliked how they sat and taught us a lesson, and waited until class was over to hand us a quiz and make us sit there for five minutes.
I walked across campus and made it to Creative Writing on time, surprisingly. We discussed our reading selection, and a few people read their tension-filled-dialogue (a word of which my PUBLISHED AUTHOR professor can't spell. she spelled it "dialog." NO!).
I came home, napped for an hour, showered, ate, got ready for work, and clocked in at five.
Tonight was pretty good. It was crazy, but there weren't nearly as many frustrating people as there usually are. I closed the registers on time, and we were out of there by 9:35.
I've eaten dinner, straightened my hair, changed into jammies, watched "Criminal Minds," and am waiting on Mason to get here.
I may redo a math assignment since I totally blew it because I didn't understand.
I may do my PE lab.
I may do both things, because when Mason gets here he will start working on an essay. That encourages me to actually do some homework ahead of time.

Alrighty, that's all I have to say.
The victim just kicked the crazy killer guy in his balls. AWESOME! Now stop yelling or he will find you!

Okay, done for real.


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