Since Thursday?

I think the last time I updated was Thursday.
Of course there is really no way to remember everything that happened, but I can try my best to update (as always).

Thursday night at work wasn't too bad. We got the "short two people" problem figured out and got out of there at a reasonable time, so that's good.
Mason came over that night, and after sitting on the couch for awhile we went in search of pommagranates. We went to the neighborhood WalMart, where I got a few groceries, and to the big WalMart, where I think I ended up buying something else. We ran into Ryan (or rather, he ran into us, as I was trying to scan ice cream that refused to scan) and talked to him for a few minutes, which was nice.
After arriving home, we were awake for a bit longer and eventually went to bed.

Friday morning we woke up, said goodbye, and I headed to campus for classes. I went to ALL of my classes (I'm trying very, very hard not to skip PE anymore... even though it's a waste of my time so far), and got to come home earlier than usual. After napping for a couple of hours, I called Mason, got ready, got Rachel to get ready, and the three of us headed out to the Botanic Gardens to see some flowers.
We started at the Japanese Gardens, and got some awesome footage and pictures from there. Then we went to the Cactus Garden, then the Trial Garden, and concluded our adventure within the confines of the Rose Garden. We went down a path that branched off of it, and almost got lost in some woods; we only turned back because of a fallen tree and rather large spider that we didn't feel like battling. It was a nice, great day, and I honestly can't wait for more like this.
On the way home we drove to Kroger, while listening to My Chemical Romance, and bought a few pommagranates.
We arrived home to dinner being ready, and spent the rest of the night hanging around the house. We tried the pommagranates, which actually weren't that bad even though they weren't very ripe. I'm not sure what else we did this night, but I do remember going to bed rather late.

Saturday I woke up rather early, said goodbye to Mason, and was at work by 9 a.m. Our district manager was there, and everyone was annoyingly cheery for 9 in the morning. I eventually became annoyingly cheery once I figured out that 1) we get SUPER COOL BUTTONY BUTTONS THAT TALK to press, and 2) that the customers at work aren't going to be invading our personal space anymore. We have room to give the customers in front of us the attention they deserve, go on breaks when we need to, leave in a split instant to use the restroom or get change or register tape... It's nice. I really like the new setup; it's not nearly as stressful as it was. Now if only I can get my manager to cooperate with me on my availability.
As a side note, I am most likely going to step back down and be a normal sales-floor associate. I dislike not being able to pick and choose what days I work, and being told that I can't have a set schedule because we have to work around the Full-Time FES' schedule. I think that it's bullcrap that I can't pick and choose my hours, and almost everyone else in that store can. If he can work with them, why not me? Anyway, if he isn't willing to work with me, I'll have him promote one of the other girls and step back down. I don't mind being a sales floor associate; I was good at that job, and once I memorize where everything else is I'll be good at it again.
Anyway, so that was work.
On the way home, I stopped in to see Miss Lotus Skye, Hannah's new baby girl. Even though she resembles a slightly wrinkly monkey, she is precious. I got to hold her, and she seemed to like me even though she was fussy. I wasn't there for long before I headed home; I wanted to borrow Hannah's camera to upload pictures of the baby onto Facebook for my great Aunt and send it home with Aunt Mary. I saw Ethan and Owen for a bit, did some homework, ate dinner, fell asleep in a chair, and greeted Mason whenever he arrived. I'm not sure what all we did after he arrived, but I'm sure that it involved something thrilling... Like slaying dragons or something.

Sunday, today, I worked from 10 to 2:30. I didn't want to get out of bed, at all, but when I got to work there were BROWNIES. And a couple of guys did the "Wigalo" dance for me, because I had no idea what it was. That made my day : D
I went through the rest of the shift, and it actually went smoothly. I left around 2:30, came home, changed, and went out shopping. I swung by Bath and Body Works and Lane Bryant, enjoying the amazing weather, before coming home. I ended up passing out on the couch, got a text from John and Mason while I was asleep, and did my very-frustrating Math Practice Test that took me three hours to complete. I got a C on it, but I don't give a crap; that was hard, and I was done. I eventually drove Rachel, Ben and I to Subway for sandwiches, and ended up sitting on the couch thinking of things to write until Mason got here. We ran up to Walgreens for medicine and ice cream for my momma, then came back home. I folded laundry while Rachel, Ben, Mason and I watched some dumb Anime that was centered around boobs and women, and now Mason and I are just kind of hanging out whilst on our respective laptops.

I'm going to go and finish laundry; I have a load in the dryer and a basket full of whites to fold, then I need to transfer the towels from the washer to the dryer, and put away my clothes before I can go to bed. This is going to be fun.

Tomorrow I'm off work, which will be really nice.

I'll update soon : )


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