So Much In My Head

I don't blog for two days, and I'm already feeling an intense amount of anxiety about the number of things in my head.
Obviously there are some things that I am not willing to disclose, because I want to keep some things as mine. But most things... Most things you can have.
/hands gift-wrapped present with large golden bow on top
You're welcome! : D

I got to spend the early afternoon lounging around with Mason. We eventually went out into the living room to talk with Rachel, and after a little while ended up driving to ChikFillet for food. We all ate a lovely lunch and talked while doing so, then went to the dollar store for a random fun trip. I left with a purple glittery frisbee and "Plum Lucky" by Janet Evanovich (one of the MANY books in her Stephenie Plum series). I eventually dragged all three of us out of the dollar store (which is hard; I wanted to buy half of the little snoglobes and trinkets) and was home with those two for about an hour before I had to leave for work. After bidding Mason goodbye, I drove to work and clocked in at 5.
This night was frustrating. We were short handed (we didn't have a closing cashier), so I spent most of the night on the registers, and my manager and one of the people on the floor spent the night trying to help me catch the lines up. It was ridiculous. I somehow managed to start closing registers at 9, but ended up taking 45minutes to finish. At 10, I walked through the door to my house, and at 10:15 it was decided that Mason and I would go get food.
At 10:45 Mason was here, and we went to Whattaburger (because they serve breakfast at 11, and I REALLY LIKE their honey butter chicken biscuit). We sat out in the car for fifteen minutes talking, and spent the time between receiving our food at 11:15 and leaving at 2:30 getting to know each other better. It was nice, though intense at the same time. And that's all I'm saying about that.
Upon arriving home, we ended up sitting on our respective laptops for awhile. Then we talked a bit more, and ended up talking for almost an hour about Pokemon. I mean, who can say that? "What did you do tonight?" "Oh, I spent an hour within close proximity to a guy talking about Pokemon and laughing at how nerdy we are." I loved it.
I also like when I'm sleep deprived, and say stupid things, and am met with even more stupid things once or twice. That's fun.
We eventually got to sleep, and I had to be awake for class by 7:15.

There is something you should know about me. When I wake up after two hours of sleep, and think about why I shouldn't go to a specific class, I will find MULTIPLE reasons. So I slept in for another thirty minutes, made myself get dressed, didn't touch my hair and only added eyeliner. Then I flopped back into bed, and asked Mason if I should go to class. He said if I wanted to. Of course I didn't want to, but I sighed and got back out of bed anyway. After saying goodbye to him, I drove to campus, and made it to Speech on time.
Honestly, I'm glad I went. We have these SUPER COMFY chairs that, after sitting in, I immediately felt amazing. Like... a huge amount of cranky was lifted off of me. My back felt awesome. My butt had a cushy place to sit. It was AWESOME!
I talked to my friend in there, and ended up talking to a couple of other guys in there. One thinks that Harry Potter is awesome. I can tell that we're going to be good friends. Except... when I asked him who his favorite character was, he didn't know. That was disappointing.
We discussed situations in which it's necessary to have good ethics, and at one point a guy basically said "We all know that we would keep whatever was in the purse. We're human. We're greedy. We're all the same, esentially. No one in their right mind would return the contents to their owner." I was appalled. And pissed. For him to say that (though, for most of Humanity, it is true) was ridiculous. I wanted to get into a verbal arguement with him, and maybe smack him in the face. It was insulting to hear after half of us said that we would return it. I wasn't the only one offended, but none of us said anything; I didn't want to be the cause of a debate about humans and morals.
After that class I went to Math, and she was actually TEACHING US IN DETAIL. Maybe what I said on Wednesday struck a nerve, and I hope it did. I hope this sticks. Because I actually learned stuff today, since she actually taught the material.
I came home afterward and slept for a couple of hours (I skipped PE today; I did not have enough patience for that class).
By 3, I was awake, ready, and clocked in at work. Tonight's shift went rather smoothly, though I was bummed that it was such a long one for me. We didn't leave until 9:30, and that was after dealing with the chaos that is Homecoming and counting registers and doing everything else that we were supposed to do.
I came home for ten minutes, then went to a friend's house to celebrate her 21st birthday. I participated in a drinking game, which ended when the birthday girl puked for the first time. I had two (maybe three; I somehow had another empty beer bottle in front of me), so I was feeling good. And people were like "You're drunk, aren't you?" "NO!" I would say, because, in truth, I was not. Just... elated.
I came home around midnight, showered, talked with Mason and Eric, and here I am.

I'm bummed that I work tomorrow. Tomorrow is my fifth day in a row, and I work from 9 to whenever I get off. Tomorrow, at 1, is my cousin's baby shower. And I'm missing it.
I'm pissed because I work for a sixth day in a row on Sunday. 12-7:30. During one of the worst ads. And my boss gets TWO DAYS off in a row. While I'm on my sixth day. It genuinely upsets me. I could barely study this week in between work, school, and my shrinking social life. And now I really don't get an entire day to just sit and apply myself.
I know I should be grateful for all of the hours, but honestly I'm doing everything within my power not to go crazy. I'm breathing and pushing through and dealing with the stupidity of the people in front of me and asking for their zipcodes 100s of times and dealing with short-handed shifts and... I just don't like doing it six days in a row.
He took away one of the only days that I could have genuinely just kicked back ALL DAY. And I don't get that until God knows when.
So, yes, you could say I'm upset about this. Maybe I'll be over it after a few hours sleep and a refreshed mind, but right now I'm upset about the things I'm missing and the things I'm not getting to do.

I'm sure Mason is coming over on Sunday, which will help quite a bit.

I'm going to sleep.


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