I forgot to mention why I titled the last blog "The Kids' Couch."
I usually tie the title in somewhere, but I guess that night my brain was on other things.
I titled it as such because Rachel, Ben, Owen and I were sitting on the couch during my cousin's baby shower, which is located in the corner of their living room. We sat there discussing Pokemon, and I texted a lot and ooed and awed over the baby gifts, and watched as a mom got really annoyed with me (I'm a little rough around the edges, so some people tend to get bad first impressions. And by 'some,' I mean 'most'). So yeah. For such an adult situation, we were acting like children. I liked it because it reminded me that, though I am 21, I don't have to be serious all of the time. I would like to think that I helped liven it up by being a dork, and by interacting with Owen and getting excited about Sponge Bob even though I don't like that show. And I got to watch some toddlers scuttle around on the floor and make huge messes with their food, so that was fun.
I did forget to mention that I chatted with my uncle, and he let me know, again, how proud of me he is. I keep my nose clean, and try my best to be a good and responsible person. And for that, he is proud of me. : )

Sunday was a rough day. I spent most of the day focusing on what I was supposed to be doing and trying to get through the shift. I tried to be as mechanical as I could as I helped customer after customer, sent people on breaks, and watched the lines pile up as fast as we got them down. There was a lady who had this return but didn't have her items, so I had to punch them in manually; this would usually bother me, but on that day I just didn't care - I did what I had to do to get her out of there, and proceeded to help other customers after her.
I got a break and a thirty minute lunch, which was nice. I was able to listen to my music and it kept me sane. I worked from 10 to 6:15 (I got to leave after I counted my drawer), and was pretty mentally tired by the time I left.
Mason (look look, you're in here again!) came over shortly after I got home, and we ended up going to WalMart (to look at cameras; he almost bought one but wants to price them) and Best Buy (they closed two minutes before we pulled into the parking lot). Then we came back here, said goodbye for a little bit, and I came inside to eat some dinner.
I ended up getting sucked into the Cowboys game, which just usually doesn't happen. But they made a game-winning touchdown within the last three seconds that was taken away because one of their players basically choked (holding) a guy on the other team. Ridiculous and angering. I was yelling.
Mason got back around 11:45, and we sat out here chatting, on our laptops, watching TV, while he started his essay. I watched youtube videos and thought about writing my second writing assignment, but I just wasn't up to it. We got ready for bed around 1, and fell asleep around 3.

Monday we woke up to all three of my annoying alarms, and at 7:05 I forced myself out of bed. After getting ready quickly (grabbing the first clothes I saw, eating, brushing my teeth, touching up my makeup) I said goodbye to Mason and drove to campus.
I sat through Government for the first time in a week, and was grateful that she took the time to review for a minute before launching into the lecture.
Eric was standing outside when I left (he has the same class the hour after mine), so I stopped to talk with him for a minute before heading to the writing center.
I didn't have to go to speech because it's our online week this week, so I spent the hour editing my creative writing piece, doing one speech assignment, and taking a learning styles quiz. I was disappointed about not going to speech because I didn't get to sit in the comfy chairs, but feel like I got a lot done since I didn't go.
I went to Math, where I proceeded to get lost AGAIN while she was teaching. I don't understand how she can teach really well one day, and rush through it the next. Needless to say, I have a very small idea of what we're supposed to do in there.
PE was boring, and I spent most of that class fighting off sleep. We took a quiz at the end that I probably failed.
Creative Writing was interesting, as always. I was rescued by a guy from a cricket because it kept inching closer and closer. I'm not AFRAID of crickets, really; they just freak me out. We divided into groups and swapped stories while writing comments (picking our favorite line, our favorite descriptive part, and three descriptive words about the main character). I got asked out to lunch this day, too, which was flattering.

(Ben just said that I have thick thighs. Not sure how to react to that one...
I gave my sister a "What the Hell did he just say? And why did he say it?" face. Haha.)

After my classes, I came home to my sister not feeling well, so I kept her company while we took a nap in her bed. We slept from 2 to 4, and I ended up getting medicine for her before leaving to meet up with Mason. I picked him up at his apartments, and drove us to a bookstore close to campus so that he could buy his books. They had all but one, so that was awesome. Then I swung by Subway so that he could eat, dropped him off, and picked him up two minutes later. We went and got Kimmi, then went to eat at Rosas.
Rosas was nice. I love their food, and enjoyed chatting with Mason and Kimmi. We sat in a booth with a ton of wooden parrots perching above us, a cieling fan that sounded like a metronome to our left (which spurred a lot of band/ROTC talk), and freaky looking ceramic suns on a far wall that stared at us the entire time. We had a good time, and left after being there for (what felt like) a couple hours. I dropped Kimmi off at home, swung by my house really quick, and drove Mason and I to his brothers'.
Upon arrival, we stood outside and chatted with the brothers and their friend, and ended up piling into cars to go to IHOP (after stopping at Race Track). While at IHOP, we drank sodas, watched one of the brothers eat pancakes, picked on each other, had weird conversations, and played "Life." Honestly, it was a ton of fun. We went back to the house at around midnight, then left there around 12:30.
I drove Mason and I to his apartments to get his car, and he followed me back home. Upon arriving here, we talked to my mom and sister for a little bit, then went to bed. We weren't awake nearly as long as the previous night; tiredness seemed to be the general feeling.

Today we woke up around 7, said goodbye, and I went to sleep for another hour. Mom woke me up, I showered, and we left the house at around 9 to go to her doctor appointment. I ended up falling asleep on the way there, and even slept in two chairs for a little bit. I hear mom go "Yeah, that's mine; she stayed up really late last night." I woke up about an hour later, started playing a game on my iPod, texted with Mason, and discovered a Coffee News on steroids; instead of just the usual stuff, it included a word search, a "find the difference between these two pictures," and Sudoku. I kept myself entertained for the last 45 minutes with that thing.
I heard my mom say "Let me wake my kid up," and when she walked out she said "Oh, my kid is awake!"
Everyone in the waiting room looked at me like they had no idea I was there.
We left after that, and went to the gas station before hitting the road.
We stopped at McDonalds, the eyeglasses place, and Walgreens before coming home.
And... here I am.
I know. My day has been thrilling.
I should have taken a nap; I'm pretty tired still.

I'm glad to be relaxing for a moment... these past couple of days have been really long and full and tiring. But good... I enjoyed them for the most part : )

Now I'm fixing to get ready and go to work, because I LIVE THERE NOW.
I'll write soon.


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