Feeling Great

Last night around eleven o' clock, I received a text from Mason that had three words: "I miss you." I awwwwwwh'd of course; one can't help but feel special and think their significant other is cute when they receive that. So I replied with "I miss you too. Get your butt over here when you get home safely."
And around 12:30 a.m., he was on my doorstep and hugging me.
We chatted with my mom for awhile before heading to bed; I heard about his trip and what took place within these last couple of days.
Kimmi texted me as we were getting snuggly and shared a great piece of information with me that makes me really happy for her. I'm glad things are working out in her favor, and that she's found someone who is, most certainly, worth her time. I spent a few minutes texting with her before getting distracted by other things.
Of course, this is where I leave off and say "and then Mason and I went to sleep."

This morning I had a hard time pulling myself out of bed, but I did it. I did my hair, applied eye makeup, put on workout clothes for PE, said goodbye to Mason and drove to campus, making it to class just in time.
Government was easy as usual, and I've had a free hour to do whatever I want (working on the Diet Analysis Project for PE). I listened to music via Youtube, facebooked, and now here I am.

Right now I'm feeling really good with how my life is going. Aside from the occasional BS at work, things are going really well. I'm getting back in touch with God, or discovering YHWH... I can't decide which is happening yet. I met Mason's family and liked the members that I've met so far, and they seemed to like me just fine. I was further reminded how lucky, or blessed, I am to have Mason and Kimmi and my family as apart of my life; I really, truly, am, and I couldn't ask for better people to share my life with me.

I know, I'm mushy and happy and sentimental... these things happen.
I'll get back to the mundane later : )


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