I'm Okay

I'd rather hate you for everything you are,
Then ever love you for something you are not.
I'd rather you hate me for everything I am,
Then have you love me for something that I'm not.
- "Never Enough" by Five Finger Death Punch

I realized that the last thing I posted may have caused you to worry about me.
I'm really fine; honestly.
I go from being apprehensive to being fine to being apprehensive to being fine all of the time, so this is nothing new.
As you can tell, we're still connected via the Internet, so nothing has happened yet.
It's still early on a Monday morning, so it takes everything I can give to be grateful about this fact. : )

The only major events that have happened with the past few days were night One and Two of Freakers Ball, which is a concert almost like Edgefest except for 1) they are hosted by different radio stations and 2) this one was Halloween themed and a TON of people dressed up.
Night one was pretty cool; I took Mason, Rachel and Ben, and we got to jam to Papa Roach, jam to a few Seether songs, and listen to a few Godsmack songs before leaving. We almost got Papa Roach's autograph, and had we not listened to the guy who said that they cut the line we would ALL have it, but alas, that's not how it went. We were disappointed because Mason and I are almost life-long fans of Papa Roach, but oh well; at least we got to see him play. And I got a t-shirt that I'm wearing at this precise moment. Heck yes.
On the way home we stopped by Walmart for a ton of fruit that Rachel and I haven't had before (Mason is compiling a list of foods I haven't tried and asking me to try them - most are fruits and veggies), and I ended up liking a lot of what we purchased. I like peaches, plums, strawberries, and pears. What? Who am I?

Night two was just Mason and I, and we saw Murderdolls (who I had NEVER heard anything by before this; they were decent), Alice Cooper (who put on a good show, yet I was falling asleep during his set. I need to have blood work done soon to see what's up with that), and ROB FREAKIN' ZOMBIE! Rob Zombie was the entire reason we were there, so we were pretty pumped when he finally got on stage. Mason and I stood up and jammed to his awesome music the entire time he was up there, and left with everyone else when his set ended. I went in search of a gas station because my low fuel light came on, and we stopped by Arbys for food and WalMart for plums on the way home. By the time we got to Walmart, Ham and Cheddar was everywhere, and I kept finding more cheddar as we made our way back to my house.
We got home at Midnight, said hey to my sister, I ate half of a plum, and Mason and I went back to my room. We went to sleep fairly soon afterward, because we were both exhausted.

I worked both Saturday (morning) and Sunday (night), and those shifts went alright. I'm off today, work tomorrow and wednesday night, have Thursday off, and then I'm not sure what happens. I need to double check my schedule.

Mmkay, now that we're back to the normal bloggy format, I shall leave you once more.
I'll be back soon, G-d willing.


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