It's About That Time, Eh Chaps?

So I don't know what to update you on and what not to update you on.

I think I left out a few things in previous updates.
Like all of the clumsy accidents I've been having.
I tripped on a HUGE crack in the sidewalk recently and almost faceplanted. Luckily all I did was trip and people behind me laughed. I felt like turning around and saying "You think that was good? Wait 'til I fall down these stairs."
Or that time I hit my head on this new sign that we have at work.
Or the time that I ran four carts into one of the sliding doors at work and took it off of it's track thing (happened tonight).
Or that time that I burned myself with my straightener (earlier this morning).
Or that time that I broke a glass and cut myself a bit on that stupid piece of glass that fell off.
I don't know of any other examples, but I may make this a new segment.
"Clumsy moment of the day."
It'll be at the end of each blog I post.

I've been working quite a bit, and can't wait for my mini-vacation (that starts tomorrow night and ends Saturday sometime).
I'll have a ton of time on my hands, and I honestly can't wait.
That's what I need right now. Time. Time to live and be and think. I don't get enough of that (or, it doesn't seem like I do. I may get more than I realize).

We worked out in PE today and I almost died.
I'm still wheezing from the six minutes of running that we did.
Ben says that's normal, since my lungs aren't used to it, so that's good.
I had to read my story in Creative Writing afterwards, and it was received rather well by the class.
They didn't like my cliffhanger, though. One guy said "Hold up! What happened to mom!? I want to know what happened to mom!"
So I told him.
"Why is he so cold to the kid?"
I told them, and explained the things behind that.
This, my friends, will be my NaNoWriMo work this year. Yes, I've already started bits and pieces, but I have yet to put it together in a novel format.
I'm excited!

I filmed a vlog recently, so you can view that whenever.

I'm hanging out with Kimmi some tomorrow, Amanda later on in the week, going to my grandma's on Thursday, and going to classes slash I don't know on Friday.
Hopefully seeing Mason a couple of times here soon.
It'll be a great few days : )

And that's all I have for you.
I'm too tired to think back to what each day was like.
Just know that I like my life right now. Work is better, and I'm dating this awesome guy, and I have great friends who care about me, and a loving family.
I'm happy, and I like this feeling.



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