So Much

There are a lot of things happening that I don't feel comfortable talking about.
Like that there is a pending solar storm that could knock out all communication and electronics, and that there is way more that goes along with that. I'm just preparing for the worst and hoping for the best when it comes to this; I'm prepared to enter a survival mode of sorts, but I'm hoping that it doesn't come to that.

Mason and I are doing well; we went out on a date to "Genghas Grill" last night and had THE most wonderful food EVER. I'm really happy that he got to take me there; it was a great experience with an amazing person. Also, our waitor charged my food as a kid's meal instead of an adult meal, which was awesome, considering it was pretty expensive.
There are other things that go along with us doing well, but of course I'm keeping that private. I've told a grand total of three people, and will most likely not tell any more than that. If I tell anyone else, it will be Rae, who I tell everything and anything.
Currently I'm sitting in the downstairs portion of the Library waiting on Mason to return from Upstairs; he's printing articles so that he has hard copies of them. I will be doing the exact same thing very soon (later today, perhaps tomorrow), as soon as I transfer my writing to my laptop, email it to myself, and print it off at the Library (most likely around home).

I'm learning a lot of new things when it comes to what I believe/d, and it all points to one general idea: Everything that I've believed was a lie. It's fine, really; I'm not freaking out about it. it all makes perfect sense to me, and I shall be accepting the Truth very soon.

Classes are going well; I'm finally to a point where I can take a day or so off from homework, which I need. I've been doing homework every night/every other night for the past week, and am frankly sick of it.

And I'm off. I'm sorry that it's been so long, and that this post is not as in depth as usual.
I'll write soon, I hope.

Love you.


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