A Week? Really?

I didn't realize that I left this blog, without even checking on it, for a week.
I'm surprised that it didn't die of starvation or thirst or go crazy wondering where I was...
Poor bloggy blog.
Shh... Momma's here...

... That was weird.

There is too much to update on to go detail by detail, so I'll try to spare you a lot of them.

I went to classes this week and we've started working out in PE, which is good because I no longer feel bored when I go.
Math is still hard.
Creative Writing has gotten harder because we've switched to poetry which I am not so very good at (we have a poem due tomorrow, actually... wonder what the guidelines are... Hmmm...).
Government is easy, though we took our second test in there on Friday; I think I killed the essay, so that's good.
Speech is getting harder because we're preparing for our very first speech, which I am apprehensive about yet wanting to get over with.

Mason and I played hookie from classes on Wednesday and spent the entire day just hanging out, talking, being together, and we watched "Dan in Real Life" before I went to work. It was a great day, and I'm happy to have gotten to experience that with him.
Speaking of, we finally entered into the OFFICIAL relationship stage, which is nice, and have said and done a few things that go along with that that I am not getting into (because these things are for us only, of course).
I met his sister, her husband and his Papaw recently, which was nice, and I met his dad yesterday. I drove out there after grabbing my novel from John, and had a great day and a half over there. We played video games, watched the Rangers win, had a steak dinner, played more video games (Left 4 Dead II, F.E.A.R II, Halo ODST, Assassins Creed, but not in that order (and I only played the zombie one)), went to bed, woke up, had a good lunch, and I had to come home because I work today.
I really like him. A lot. And I'm very happy and blessed to have found him.

Work is the same as usual; no new drama to report. We had to sign a contract that said we will not talk badly about he company or fellow coworkers on ANY social networking website, and listed all of them by specific name, which I thought was funny and up with the times.

I'm going to work in about fifteen minutes, and Mason will be coming over later on tonight.

So far I'm just living and trying to remember to document certain situations and things and not doing a very good job. Most of it I don't feel I can talk about in an online blog because it's too personal, so I may need to take up journaling. We'll see.

Okay, I'm out of here.
I'll update soon : )


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