Letter 2, Crush (Or Boyfriend, in my case)

Dear Mason,

Where to begin?

We've known each other for almost a year, and have been dating since August. I consider every day with you an adventure, and I've enjoyed every moment that we've spent together. I look forward to more time together to create more memories and go on many more adventures (Like, dragon slaying. Or. To Six Flags. Or. Food places. Or. Something).

Through our time together I've come to value you more than you could possibly fathom (or you might "fathom," since I tell you almost every day). Every day I think of something about you that I love - your eyes, your smile, your sense of humor, your arms and hands, your passion for scripture, your voice, and how patient, kind and understanding you are when it comes to me (to name a few things). Every day I realize just how much I truly do care for you, and thank Him for sending you to me. As of late I'm praying that you have a good time on your trip and are able to make it home safely; I can't wait to have your arms around me again, to hold your hand, or to kiss you.

You truly are an amazing human being, and I am truly blessed to have you in my life.
I love you.

- Kimbra

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