New things happening!

1) I went to San Antonio with Kimmi last weekend and we had a blast. We drove there on Friday and got to sit in a ton of traffic (after my freakout at the Vallets) once we got there. We got to hang out with Kimmi's boyfriend Drew that night, which was super awesome. And I got glowy swords. Sweeet. On Saturday we used the free Wifi in the lobby to attend the Synagague service via the internet, went to Subway, a dive and dime, walked along the Riverwalk and went everywhere we could (the Alamo, the Mall, the fancy restaurant in our hotel, down the Riverwalk until we realized there was no turning-back point...), then went back to the hotel to chill for awhile. We went to the fancy hotel lobby for dinner and went for a walk to see San Antonio lit up that night. After the walk we went to the lobby for awhile so I could Skype with Mason, and we went to bed around midnight (after forcing ourselves to turn off "We are the Titans" before it got too sad). Sunday we packed up and headed back home to face another day of adventure!

2) I got to see Rae last Wednesday (instead of going to classes) and the Sunday we got back (for her daughter's birthday party). I missed a lot of the party (most of it, actually), but was able to see the birthday girl and my life-long friends for awhile.

3) Mason was out of town for a week and I finally got to see him Sunday, and have seen him every day this week. I really missed him and am glad to have him back home : )

4) I was fired from my job because of a wrong that couldn't be righted. It wasn't my fault; I still maintain that I'm innocent - but could not prove that I was. I'm taking some time off to finish the semester, and may start looking for work after it's over.

5) School is winding down, and my last day is the fifteenth. FINALLY!

6) My birthday is today (the fifth of December) and so far it just feels like any other day. We'll see what happens, though.

7) I'm celebrating Hanukkah for the first time ever, and it's really neat. I like having to take time to light candles and visit with family by Candlelight. I like participating in the Shabbat dedication service, and feeling like I belong in the Jewish faith. It's nice, and I can't wait to experience the last four days of Hanukkah.

I think that's it in a nutshell.
Obviously i didn't go into details; we would be here way too long if I did.
I'll write soon!


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