What Have I Been Up To?

I don't know what to write about.
What have I been up to?
It feels like I haven't done a whole lot, though I'm sure that isn't true.

I'm taking a break from work and start babysitting part time on Monday.
I finished my last final on Wednesday and am going to ENJOY my break from school. Though it feels like I should be doing homework right now.
I filmed my first youtube video in a month.
I participated in a cookie exchange with the other ladies at Synagogue, and got to actually talk to some of them. Speaking of, I learn something new every day about Judaism, and Synagogue is no exception. Every. Day. And I enjoy it. I enjoy learning and living it to the best of my ability.
I finished celebrating Hanukkah, and celebrated my birthday on the fifth.
I helped my family put up the tree, and will be celebrating Christmas with them on Saturday (yes, it's on Saturday).
We're all currently broke in this house, and I'm trying very hard to put my trust in YHWH; so far it's making a huge difference. I'm reminded every day that He's in control, and the rare occasions that he allows me to experience life with me in control don't go very well. I'm glad He's in control - I have no idea what I'm doing.
I realized today that I'm frustrated with America's (the World's?) ignorance, and happiness to remain ignorant. I mean, sure, everyone is happy, but does that matter if you're SO IGNORANT that you can't see the Truth around you?
(Side Note: This is not a jab at anyone or anything in particular; just stating my feelings on the matter.)
I'm getting the itch for adventure, and finally get to go to the Planetarium tomorrow. I can't wait to spend the day staring at stars.
I went to the Botanic Gardens earlier in the week, but wasn't there long. I got plenty of pictures though, as did Mason, so that's cool.
I made pancakes for the first time ever, so that was awesome.

I'm still just taking life as it comes, and trying to find YHWH's (or G-d's) plan for me.
That's all I can do, really. And I'm fine with that : )


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