Feeling A Lot Better

A couple of weeks have gone by, and I actually feel quite a bit better.
We were able to procure a rental car, called the Cube, so we have a car to run errands in. I LOVE this car. I would honestly keep it if they gave us an option to keep it for free (like that would ever happen...).
I have a job that I'm starting tomorrow at 1 p.m. at a private preschool, and I'm honestly very excited about it. And nervous. But mostly excited, which is actually an achievement for me. There are so many policies that I have to keep in mind while working with the kids, who I'm pretty excited to meet. This past week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I had a lot of training and two classes to go through. I am now certified in First Aid and CPR, and am able to recognize abuse in children. I have been fingerprinted and tested for TB (which I am negative for, thank goodness. I didn't have a doubt, but it was still a scary thought to come out positive). I think I am plenty ready to interact with the kiddos, but know that there will be tons of surprises that will pop up when working with them.
By the end of this week I was completely ready to relax and have a quiet few days without training and errands, so I went with Mason to see his dad, and we took his dog Oscar with us. Oscar is a great car ride dog; he just wandered around in my lap and looked out whatever window he could. We went out to eat at several places, including On the Border, Grandma's Cafe, IHOP, and Logan's Steakhouse. We went to a place called Chandor Gardens, which Mason's dad didn't even know existed. We took Oscar to Weatherford Lake and hung out at the Marina for a bit, and took him to Holland Lakes Park to walk along the trails and such with us. And we watched some TV, which consisted of A LOT of "Storage Wars" and "Dances With Wolves." We drove by the High School, which looked like a college campus, and the real college campus, which looked pretty nice. It was a fun visit, and I enjoyed seeing the more beautiful aspects of Weatherford.
We came back to my house tonight and are having a trial to see if Oscar can get along with my cats and family. My cats had NO idea how to react at first; three of the four stared at him intently to see what he would do, and three have already hissed at him at least once. Sandy didn't like him, but he's mostly an outdoor cat now so we don't have to worry about it. Fang is pretty taken aback by him, but otherwise he seems okay. Tigger is more inquisitive, and Kitty Kitty is now used to him being in the bed with us but is very reserved about how much interaction she has with him. My family really likes him, and think he's pretty cute. Right now both Oscar and Kitty Kitty are in the bed taking it easy; I hope they're able to get along fairly well. I want our pets to be able to coexist, and not have to worry about territorial wars over us. I've tried reassuring Kitty Kitty that it's still her bed and I'm her human, and I think that's working some.
Other than these things, I'm sure I've hung out with a few friends (there was one night where we had two different TVs going while playing Black Ops and Soul Calibor on them), and have been playing a ton of video games (Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Pokepark Wii, Black Ops), but reeeally want to go into detail with those things. I'm getting kind of sleepy and I'm ready to play some Black Ops!
Iiii don't know what else I can say. I start work tomorrow afternoon, and I'm pretty excited.
Arighty. I'll update later.


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